Soulja Boy Releases "Twerkin Like Miley"

Soulja Boy has never been one to shy away from a trend, and this week he’s cashing in on two at once with a new single entitled, “Twerkin Like Miley.”

Released late last night complete with artwork featuring the former Hannah Montana star, “Twerkin Like Miley” kicks off with 15 seconds of shoutouts before transitioning into a bass-heavy track meant for twerk fanatics. The production leaves a bit to be desired, but seeing as the song is intended for a future mixtape release, it’s no surprise it’s a bit below studio grade. Still, if you’re looking for something to make you want to clap (whatever part of your body you desire), this will do just fine. You can stream the track at the end of this post.

Hip-hop has fallen in love with Miley Cyrus this summer, and “Twerkin Like Miley” is only the latest in a slew of songs to reference the young starlet. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Soulja Boy’s latest. (more…)

Soulja Boy Releases 'King Soulja' Mixtape

It may not be Monday, but it’s always a good time for a new mixtape, right?

Self-made millionaire and hip hop notable Soulja Boy has released a new mixtape entitled King Soulja. The release arrives just weeks after the last Soulja mixtape, and this time the “Water Whippin” rapper offers up eighteen never-before-heard tracks for fans to enjoy. BobbyWorld, Paul Allen, and Soulja Kid make appearances, but none hold a candle to Soulja. You can find stream and download links for King Soulja below.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny the brand Soulja Boy has built in hip hop. He harnessed the popularity of his viral hit to build a social following that he now keeps hoooked with a steady stream of free content. It’s a system that works, and I see no reason why that will change anytime soon. (more…)

Soulja Boy Drops 'Foreign 2' Mixtape

Soulja Boy has released his highly anticipated new mixtape, Foreign 2.

Making good on (too many) delays, Foreign 2 delivers fourteen new tracks from Soulja Boy to his fans around the world. Aside from a few remixes, all original production comes from Soulja, with Diamond, Trav, and Sean Kingston appearing on select tracks. You can find a download link and additional release details at the end of this post.

Even if his recent material not for you, it’s hard to hate the rise of Soulja Boy. He found something no one was doing, jumped on the opportunity, and kept pushing until his flash in the pan moment became a lasting career. (more…)

Soulja Boy Releases 'Foreign' Mixtape

Soulja Boy is one of the hardest working rappers in hip hop today. Not only has he been making a good living creating beats for every major player in the genre, but he’s also keep a steady plan of solo releases flowing like water. Today he continues that grind with the release of his latest mixtape, Foreign.

Serving as a placeholder for next month’s U$A Dre, Foreign features twenty-four brand new tracks for fans to consume. Admittedly, many of these tracks are forgettable freestyles over well worn beats, but buried amongst the mediocre are a few gems any fan would be lucky to hear. You can access a download link for Foreign after the jump. (more…)

MIXTAPE MONDAYS: Tyga, Fat Trel, and More!

Welcome back to Mixtape Mondays. Starting this week, OurStage will be bringing you this column each and every week! That means more free music for fans, and more opportunities for independent artists to gain notoriety. If you would like to be featured in an upcoming edition of this column, or you know an OurStage artist that you feel deserves a mention, send an email to with a link to the profile and the subject “Mixtape Mondays.” We listen to everything, but are not able to reply to every submission. If you want to ensure we received your mixtape, please feel free to tweet us day or night.

This week on Mixtape Mondays we only have two new releases to discuss, but I went ahead and threw in a new single and mixture announcement to spice things up. If you were hoping for something you can play loud while the snow falls, this week is definitely for you. (more…)

Tyga Launches "Rack City XXX" Porn Site, Proves Artistic Merit

In late 2011, a demonic entity from hip-hop Hades escaped from the fiery pits of its creation into the Billboard Hot 100. It made heads turn, parents cry, and Soulja Boy sound like a literary genius. The song, Tyga’s “Rack City,” became instantly hyped and instantly hated. And now, listeners who can’t get enough of choice lines like “I got ya grandma on my dick” are in for a real treat. The Compton-bred emcee has just announced the launch of Rack City XXX, a porn site that will offer weekly video updates for $24.95 a month. Tyga will also be starring in Rack City: The XXX Movie, which will feature London Keyes, Havana Ginger, and more actresses whose names sound like bad cocktails. No grandparents were reported to be featured. Speaking with the adult entertainment news website Business AVN, a proud Tyga provided his in-depth description of the film’s compositional techniques, stating, “It’s a real movie that people will enjoy.” Tyga is currently expecting his first child with his girlfriend, Blac Chyna. She is a stripper.

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