Fix Uppers

Josh Fix

Josh Fix has enough material for a couple of life stories. Born in South Africa, he emigrated to the US at eleven, graduated college and dabbled in investment banking and insurance for a couple years. That brief tenure in finance helped him save up enough money to purchase some studio equipment”ostensibly the shrewdest investment of his career. Now an accomplished singer, songwriter, whistler, keyboardist, percussionist, producer and art designer, Fix is anything but lazy. Still, the music he creates has a lyrical slacker sheen even if the music itself is pop perfection. Don’t Call Me In The Morning wraps supreme snark in swirling, uber-melodic keyboards. Even if he’s being sarcastic, Fix’s weightless Beatles-esque harmonies and theatrical piano pounding are teeming with joy. Whiskey & Speed skyrockets into a chorus worthy of Queen. Channeling his inner Freddie Mercury, the singer delivers a complex, layered rock odyssey that makes you want to turn your bed into a trampoline. Be glad for Fix’s restless heart and overactive mind”the end result is virtuosic pop that will leave you feeling totally elated.