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Over the past year, if you’ve tuned in to any of our Country Channels, chances are you noticed the undeniable talent of Jason Lee Thomason. In the country music capital better known as Nashville, Jason’s music is spreading fast. The city’s songwriting community is taking notice of this rising singer/songwriter whose repertoire includes acoustic ballads and upbeat tempos.

Mr. Jason Lee Thomason

Mr. Jason Lee Thomason

Swiftly gaining momentum in the South, Jason has a Keith Urban look but his sound and style are all his own. Jason is a force that cannot be cornered into simply one category. His pipes have won him accolades in genres from Country to Acoustic to R&B/Soul which explains why he’s already playing on some radio stations in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. With a steady fan base of loyal listeners, this OurStage favorite continues to work hard and continue his success in Nashville. But rest assured, Jason Lee Thomason is ready to break out.

When you first check out Jason’s music, you’re shocked by how many catchy tunes this crooner has to offer. One of Jason’s most successful songs, Southland, is an upbeat track that pulls you in with the instrumentation, and keeps you engaged with soulful vocals. This song is a tribute to home, the place you want to escape to when You’re tired of the rat race, here in the city. It gets worse (there) everyday. But this is what I know, if Jason Lee Thomason is playing in that city, I can’t think of one good reason to leave.