Celebrities In Halloween Costumes: Heidi Klum, Diddy, Fergie & More!

It’s that time of year again! Between the carved pumpkins lining doorstops, shelves of candy practically disappearing overnight, and costume stores boasting Dracula, Superman, and pretty pretty princesses, there’s no doubt that Halloween is just around the corner.

This spook-tacular holiday isn’t just for kids anymore, (I mean, who doesn’t love free candy and dressing up?), and to help you get into the holiday spirit, we’re bringing you a taste of how celebrities across the country are celebrating this year. Check it out after the jump. (more…)

Chad Kroeger And Avril Lavigne's Engagement Is Literally The Biggest News Ever, Eh? [UPDATE]

People Magazine got the scoop of a lifetime last night, reporting that Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger and pop starlett Avril Lavigne were newly engaged following a whirlwind romance. The linking of the houses of Kroeger and Lavigne represents a consolidation of power as the two families now have a stranglehold on bad Canadian rock.

That was a joke. But seriously, this is huge.


Friday, January 20th, 2012

Five Questions We Have For The GRAMMYs

The 54th Annual GRAMMY Award Nominees have been announced and, like every year, people don’t entirely agree with the choices. It’s only natural for fans to be upset that their favorite artist or song wasn’t nominated for a certain category. However, every year there a few head scratchers, not just in the nominations but also in the categories. Therefore, we compiled a list of five questions we have regarding this year’s GRAMMY Award nominations.

We're predicting Adele to take home the most hardware this year

1. What’s the difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year?

When the nominees were first announced, we found ourselves wondering the age old question, what is the difference between these two categories? We found it very odd that out of the five songs nominated in each category, four of them were nominated for both awards. It seems rather strange that the one song will likely win two awards for basically the same thing. After some research, we discovered that the Record of the Year is awarded to the song’s performer and production team, while Song of the Year is awarded to song’s writer(s)/composer(s). While this does make some sense (not all artists write their own songs), we still think they should have nominated different songs for each category to at least give us some variety.


Amy Kuney To Gain Industry Insight From Vet Rob Stevenson

It’s safe to say Premium Members seriously brought the heat in the August Artist Access Competition. With a mentoring session with A&R icon Rob Stevenson at stake, how could they not? His stellar industry track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 and Saliva as well as helping further the careers of Katy Perry, Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys. The tracks were epic, the battles hard fought and now that the dust has settled, only one artist remains.

Meet Amy Kuney, an on-the-rise SoCal singer-songwriter fit to take the stadium pop scene by storm. If you’ve got a hankering for big hooks and driving beats with a touch of female folk, Kuney will be happy to oblige. Her track “Gasoline Rainbows” earned her some real talk with Rob Stevenson and we’re pumped to see how he lends his years of experience to her already promising career.

Scope the below playlist for more of her tracks.

Jazz Cats Want Free Strings | Premium Members Chase Their Big Break – Judge Now!

This August, a veritable boatload of OurStage’s finest acts are giving it their all for a chance to win some incredible opportunities.

Ernie Ball Jazz

Artists in the Jazz Channel are exercising their jazz hands for a chance to win a year’s supply of strings and accessories from Ernie Ball. If you fancy yourself a fan of Coltrane, Davis, Armstrong and Ellington, then lend your finely-tuned ear to judging by August 29th.

Artist Access

OurStage Premium Members in the August “Artist Access” Competition are shooting for a sit-down mentoring session with music mogul Rob Stevenson, founder of For The Win! (FTW!). Stevenson is the former President of Virgin Records and Executive Vice President for A&R at Island Def Jam Music Group. His stellar track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 and Saliva as well as helping further the careers of Katy Perry, Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys. For an aspiring star, becoming so much as a blip on an industry player’s radar can mean big things. Judge in the “Artist Access” Competition by August 31st and help put one lucky act on the map.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Chat With Heavyweight Rob Stevenson

Grabbing face time with a powerhouse music executive is high on the to-do list for many aspiring artists but it’s no easy task to accomplish. The OurStage Artist Access Competition seeks to bridge the gap.  If you want a shot at a mentoring session with industry staple Rob Stevens, then sign up for OurStage Premium Membership today and enter the August Artists Access Competition by August 23rd.

Formerly the President of Virgin Records and Executive Vice President for A&R at Island Def Jam Music Group, Stevenson is currently the founder of For The Win! (FTW!). His stellar industry track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41 and Saliva as well as helping further the careers of Katy Perry, Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys.

Your big time music career could be closer than you think”all you have to do is enter. Fans: If you want to help these rising stars catch the experience of a lifetime, lend your ears to the channel by August 31st. We guarantee they’ll love you for it. Check out the top tracks below.

Premium Members: Your Mentoring Session With Rob Stevenson Awaits

We’re taking things up a notch for OurStage premium members ” offering exclusive career-boosting opportunities to help rising artists take their game to the next level. The Artist Access Competition series has already awarded winners Dusty the Robodrum, All Found Out and Jenna Bryson mentoring sessions with industry legends Bruce Tyler and Don Ienner.  In August, Premium Members will get their chance to meet face-to-face with Rob Stevenson.

Formerly the President of Virgin Records and Executive Vice President for A&R at Island Def Jam Music Group, Stevenson is currently a partner of FTW. His stellar industry track record includes breaking bands like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, and Saliva and furthering the careers of Katy Perry, The Decemberists, 30 Seconds to Mars and Beastie Boys.

Looking for your big break? Sign up for an OurStage Premium Membership today and enter the August Artist Access Competition by August 23 ” you could be steps away from face time with an industry powerhouse!

Q&A With Sum 41

Chances are, it’s been a few years since Sum 41 popped up on your radar. The four piece haven’t released a full-length since 2007, and few albums since 2001’s runaway success All Killer No Filler have managed to spawn catchy, radio-friendly rock hits like “In Too Deep” and “Fat Lip.” Or maybe you have been hearing Sum 41 and you just didn’t realize it”the once bratty pop punks have consistently developed a heavier and more mature sound that doesn’t sound much like their earlier work.

Either way, the Canadian rockers are back in action this spring. They have a new album, Screaming Bloody Murder, and a new outlook on what’s important to them. OurStage caught up with bassist Jason Cone McCaslin to talk about the evolution of the band, the struggles of putting together the new album and how Sum 41 doesn’t count on radio for their success.

OS: First, to clear up a mystery: why does everyone call you Cone?

CM: Umm, I mean it’s just one of those nicknames that I got in high school when I was fifteen or sixteen, something like that. It’s actually kind of a really stupid story, but I used to eat a lot of ice cream all the time. And so Deryck and all those guys”before I was even in Sum 41” they just started calling me Cone. And so when I joined Sum 41, they just kept on calling me Cone. Just one of those stupid high school things, really.

OS: Screaming Bloody Murder was originally supposed to be released in 2009, and you were only planning to release a few songs on an EP. What happened to change that?

CM: I guess the original idea was, Deryck had four or five songs written so I’d fly down to LA and we’d just kind of do these four or five songs that he had. We started talking about, You know, maybe we should release an EP. And then once they were recorded”and we kind of almost did fully record the EP except for mixing, really”we just decided that we liked the songs a lot. We started thinking about how EPs don’t really… they kind of go unnoticed. It’s just kind of a waste of time to do as an EP. So we decided that we really liked the songs and we didn’t want the songs to go unnoticed, and Deryck was writing a lot. It was like, You know what? Let’s just wait and as you write some songs we’ll all fly down to LA and just record them as you have them. That’s basically it.

OS: You guys had to pay for some of the cost of this album out of pocket”how did it get to that point?

CM: I guess we went over budget. I’m not really sure. We recorded the album, and then once it was kind of done we listened to it and we all decided we didn’t feel like it was complete. There was something missing about it. And Deryck was still writing songs, he was kind of writing songs all through the process of recording. He had these two songs, which are Time for You to Go and Maybe You Don’t Want to Know, and he said, Yeah, I’ve got these two new songs. I think this could be the piece of the album that we’re missing. So we went to the label and said, We’ve got two more songs we want to record. And to them, we were kind of done. They gave us all the money to record, and to them the album was done. So when we said there was two more songs we wanted to record, they said, No. We’re not gonna pay for this. And we just liked the two songs a lot, and we wanted them on the album, so we just said, Okay fuck it. We’ll just pay for it then.

OS: Deryck has given a few interviews regarding the new album where he seems to have a very fuck what everyone thinks attitude about whether or not people like the material. Do you feel the same way?

CM: No, I don’t know if it’s… we’ve talked about this many times, and when we talk about it as a band it’s not like we’re all, Fuck everyone, we hate everyone. We’re not bitter and jaded, we just feel like we have a real connection with our fans and we have a really strong fan base. So basically by saying that, we’re not really saying Fuck you, fuck you. We’re just saying if radio doesn’t play it, or if video channels don’t pick up our video, then it’s not the end of the world to us. Where ten years ago it was like, we were always told we had to be on the radio. Now it’s like yeah, it would be cool. We’d love to be on the radio. If our song gets played on the radio, we’re happy. We’re excited. But if it doesn’t happen we’re not pissed off and bummed out. We’re just like, Okay, well fuck it. We have a strong fan base, and people are still coming to our shows. We have a lot of fans around the world, and we still tour around the world playing really good shows…


Rock 'n' Roll Call: Broomfiller

Having already offered up successful rock groups like Sum 41, Billy Talent, Finger Eleven and Alexisonfire, Canada is now bringing us punk group Broomfiller.

With energetic guitars and quick, straight-forward drum beats, Broomfiller’s sound is reminiscent of bands like Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio and MXPX. The vocals, provided by frontman Richard Leko, are characteristically punk: a style in which casual yelling is preferred over technically “correct” singing. But if you can’t get behind that, you’ll be happy to know that Broomfiller are not one-trick ponies. Their slower numbers, such as “One Last Time” and “I Won’t Leave You There” from their 2006 album Enter the Storm, are closer in style to Nirvana and Staind. Leko’s vocals are deeper and much more focused on these tracks, which are still strong even when up against the more complex structure of the group’s fast punk songs.

After one listen to the intro of “Windsor Bukkake,” you’ll definitely begin to wonder what Broomfiller’s live show must be like. One thing’s for sure, these guys are no strangers to the road. They have toured extensively across Canada and the US since 2002, including spots on the Vans Warped Tour and performances at the International Pop Overthrow Festival and Canadian Music Week Festival.

In addition to touring and recording two albums, Broomfiller have been racking up awards in both Canada and America. They took home “Best International Artist” at both the Empire Music Awards and the Orange County Music Awards and were nominated for the same title at the Southern California Music Awards. They’ve also been nominated for “Best Punk/Alternative Group” at the South Bay Music Awards and “Best Independent Album” at the Toronto Independent Music Awards in addition to reaching the Top 10 of the Punk Charts three times and the Best of Rock Chart here on OurStage, where they stayed for fourteen weeks!

Get your air guitars ready and check out Broomfiller in the player below!