Metal Monday: Cool Off With Cold Weather Jams By Black Thai, Voyager, Black Sheep Wall, And More

It’s summer, which means it’s hot. Really hot. In fact, this is one of the hottest summers ever so far. What does this mean? It means what you need now, more than ever before, are some really solid jams to help you keep your cool. Luckily, we’ve got a handful of metal songs here that should definitely do the trick. Lots of slow, heavy songs”perfectly matched for lazing about in the shade on a blazing day. Now go grab a cold beverage because there’s only so much music can do to beat the heat!

Download The OurStage Rock n' Popsicles Playlist

It’s official, people”the Rock n’ Popsicles playlist has arrived. Twelve of the most sweltering summer tracks from the OurStage rock and pop community are yours for the taking! We launched the Rock n’ Popsicles Summer Song Competition to track down the best undiscovered warm-weather anthems and, boy, did we find them. Summer means different things to different people – and we think this playlist pretty much covers it all. So it’s time to grab your friends, throw on some flip-flops, light that grill and let the summer jams commence. Download the OurStage Rock n’ Popsicles playlist now to celebrate your summer the best way possible.

OurStage “Rock n’ Popsicles” playlist track listing:

  1. The Reel – “Time of Your Life”
  2. Skyler – “Summer”
  3. RIA – “Alright”
  4. New Haven – “Hot Day”
  5. Mon Chéri – “Psyche”
  6. Late Cambrian – “Eastern Stone”
  7. IV Elmendorf – “Dreams Come True”
  8. Darlingside – “Surround”
  9. Common Ground – “Live It!”
  10. Califarians – “My Guitar”
  11. Amy Kuney – “Simple Things”
  12. Adam Ezra Group“Colder Days”

Get Lyrical: Calico Trail's "Sweet Southern Small Town Summertime"

We’ve all heard the old joke: What do you get when you play a country song backwards? You get your dog back, your wife back, your house back, your kids back… Okay, sure. A lot of country songs deal with some pretty similar themes, and they aren’t always the cheeriest. But that’s why we count on bands like Calico Trail to mix things up for us. Their song Sweet Southern Small Town Summertime is anything but depressing. The Nashville-based songwriting collective uses it as a celebration of the joys of, well, being in a small town during the summer.

Calico Trail knows what makes us love the hot summer months, and finds a way to reference all of the things that make the season so universally appealing while rhyming them in a charming fashion. Fishing poles are paired with swimming holes, flip flops are rhymed with  bikini tops, and lawn chairs are matched up with county fairs. While there are a few southern summer standards that aren’t too familiar to us (big ol’ tractors driving right through town for example) the song’s lyrics still resonate. They also leave us with a few unanswered questions ” such as, is the South really a place where ice creams cones are fried? Because that sounds right up our alley.

Much like small towns, Calico Trail’s song is enjoyable because they keep it simple. The twangy chorus is only one line, Sweet Southern Small Town Summertime, and its laid-back delivery begs for you to sing along. But don’t let the folksy chorus fool you, the verses of the track are so packed with colorful, sunny imagery that the seven-piece can take a break for a few lines. Can’t you just feel the summer sun shining on your skin as cool lake water laps around your ankles? Sounds pretty relaxing, no? After hearing this bad boy, we just might pack our bags and head for Tennessee. So roll down your windows, hit the highway and give “Sweet Southern Small Town Summertime” a listen below!

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Traditionally, summer implies a feeling of bliss and a time to relax, but it can go by so quickly. Do you ever have that feeling when you’re having such a good time that you just want to put things in slow motion, take a step back and relish the moment? I call it the Dawson’s Creek moment. Every teen show has it; the slow motion, happy montage that wraps up the season. 

Now, when your lying on the beach or driving in your car with the windows down catching that warm scent of freshly cut grass and the summer blues wash over you, OurStage will be right by your side with this perfect soundtrack. 

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Break out the coolers and start planning those road trips because summer is on its way. There are few things in this world that can draw masses of people halfway across the country to spend their minimal savings on a single weekend. A summer musical festival is one of them. From hippies craving nostalgia to college students scraping together their loose change for months, these festivals see such a draw of people that I’m sure they aren’t giving too much thought to these rough economic times. On that note, I’m going to take you on a tour of the five most notable warm weather festivals that deserve your attention this year.


sxsw-2009First on the itinerary is the week-long party of southern hospitality that is the SXSW music festival in Texas. The unique thing about this festival is its location: it doesn’t really have one. Rather, this celebration of music scatters mainstream and up-and-coming acts all across the Lone Star State to select bars, clubs, and outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, here comes the bad news, this festival happened a few weeks ago. If you went this year you probably enjoyed such names as Third Eye Blind and Ben Harper and Relentless7. If you’ve been following our coverage you know that over 80 OurStage artists played SXSW. Make sure to check out this festival next year if you missed it; it’s a great way to start off your own tour of summer music fests.