T Mills Debuts "Bad Investment"

Up and coming rapper T Mills continue his rise to the top this morning with the release of a brand new single entitled, “Bad Investment.”

The first new material to surface from T Mills in 2013, “Bad Investment” features the young emcee partnering with fellow newcomer Troy Nōka. The track has a relaxed beat, but when the verses kick in so does the pulse of the track, and Mills enters to a thick drum and bass combo that’s quite intoxicating. The hook has a near-whisper like appeal to it, but I don’t think the sense of sexiness that was planned is exactly what comes across. Nōka does fine in his guest slot, but it’d be fine without him as well. You can stream “Bad Investment” below.

No word yet on T Mills next album/mixtape, but consider it has been about a year since the last one surface it’s likely another joint will come our way soon. Stay tuned. (more…)

Exclusive Q and A: G-Eazy Talks Tour, Tunes, and Time Travel

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsImagine an alternate reality where rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop come of age simultaneously, and greasers blast fat beats from vintage car stereos on their way to the sock hop. This is the world of G-Eazy, a New Orleans-bred emcee and producer whose been on a precipitous rise to the top of the rap game for the past few years.  After a string of mixtape releases culminating with The Endless Summer, which demonstrated his pitch-perfect blend of doo-wop and hip-hop, G is poised to take over the national scene. He’s opened for Lil Wayne and A$AP Rocky, and is currently one of the few hip-hop artists on the Vans Warped Tour. We recently caught up with G about the tour, his upcoming album, and what he’d really do with a trip back in time.

OS: You’re playing on every date of the Vans Warped Tour this summer.  What has it been like so far as a hip-hop artist on a mostly punk tour?

G: Well, it totally feels like I’m an outsider, but it’s all working out just fine. I think that having Mod Sun and T. Mills playing the same stage that I’m playing helps a lot because we have a lot of crossover fans that we share. But other that that it’s been fun. It’s been interesting being the outsider and not always fitting in, but there are a ton of cool people here and a ton of cool bands. It’s not really my scene and I wasn’t even into this as a kid, so it’s definitely strange, but it’s really awesome in its own way. There’s a lot of fans here that straight up look like actors from a Tim Burton movie.

OS: But you’re also kind of an out-of-the-box hip-hop artist yourself, with the ’60s doo-wop vibe that you bring to your tracks.  What if you could go actually back to the era that you emulate in your music?  Which artist would you want to collaborate with?

G: The obvious answer would be The Beatles, but that’s not really a possibility. I feel like they wouldn’t collaborate with anybody. They were kind of in their own world.  But if it would be possible to squeeze into one of their sessions and find a way to work with John Lennon, that would be really unbelievable. Also, I mean, if I could go back in time and I could get Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers to the studio and have them lay parts down, I think that would be kind of awesome.


Skrillex and DJ Pauly D To Host Bamboozle After Parties

The Bamboozle Festival (May 18-20) recently announced a slew of after parties at local Asbury Park venues, including the Convention Hall, The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar and even a beachside bonfire hosted by Motion City Soundtrack.

An announcement from festival coordinators states: After party headliners, Skrillex, DJ Pauly D and the Barstool Blackout will close each night’s after party line-up¦ [t]he after parties scheduled to begin at 11:00 PM will feature performances by Skrillex and Friends, DJ Pauly D, the Barstool Blackout FOAM party, Fishbone, Big Freedia, White Panda, Datsik, T. Mills, Dramarama, Tragedy: A Tribute To The Bee Gees, Outasight, and more, plus The Bamboozle special guest.”

It continues, “In addition to after parties, hours will be extended for all of the attractions along the boardwalk including restaurants, miniature golf, other family-friendly activities, a ‘silent rave’ on Saturday night at Bradley Park, and beach bonfires on Friday with performances by The Wonder Years, and The Story So Far, and on Saturday, Motion City Soundtrack and Ballyhoo at South Beach in Asbury Park.”

Be sure to check out the official Bamboozle site for more info on the after parties, and stay tuned to OurStage’s Plugged In Magazine for an in-depth festival preview later on this month. Rage on, Boozlers!