Paramore Perform "Still Into You" at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards

Following a successful weekend on the West Coast, new footage has emerged capturing Paramore performing their new single live at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

Like many artists, the members of Paramore spent the weekend in California participating in activities surrounding their appearance and nomination at the Teen Choice Awards. Following a win for Best Rock Group in the middle of the evening, Paramore took center stage for a live rendition of their latest hit, “Still Into You.” That performance has since been uploaded to YouTube and can now be viewed at the bottom of this post.

Paramore released an incredible self-titled album in April of this year. If you dig “Still Into You” and have yet to pick up a copy, we highly recommend visiting your local record store as soon as time and money allows.


Exclusive Q and A: Lauren Alaina Talks "Wildflower," Fans and Steve Tyler

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsLauren Alaina may not have won the two Teen Choice Awards for which she was just nominated ” Choice Female Country Artist and Choice TV Female Reality Star for American Idol ” but she’s got plenty of other successes to celebrate.

Not only is she looking ahead to joining Sugarland‘s “In Your Hands” tour in support of her debut album Wildflower, but her new single “Eighteen Inches” has been released to radio with great success. The song, written by Carrie Underwood, Kelley Lovelace, and Ashley Gorley, which references the space between a person’s head and heart, is something which resonates strongly with Alaina.

Recently the 17-year-old American Idol season 10 runner-up and Georgia native took time out of her schedule to talk about her music, her idols, and just what she learned from recording with American Idol judge and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

OS: Let’s talk about your album and how you chose such great songs like “Eighteen Inches.”

LA: In the process of making the album I was listening to quite a few songs. I had to narrow them down to what what was going to go on the album. When I heard [“18 Inches”] that reminded me so much of my mom. She has literally gone through the exact same thing as the song. Eighteen inches is the distance between the head and the heart. It delivered such a beautiful message. I remember being very proud of being the person who sings it.

OS: I know you admire Carrie Underwood very much. Was that another reason you liked it so much?

LA: I didn’t know she wrote it [when I first heard it]. I think [my team] didn’t tell me on purpose.


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Armless teen plays Iris on guitar

Next time you complain about something not going your way, think about this story of turning lemons into Goo Goo-infused lemonade. George Dennehy, an 18-year-old high school student, was born without arms but that didn’t stop him from picking up guitar and piano with his feet. Dennehy is one of four Tafi Yourtee scholars, an honor that goes to Virginia high schoolers planning to major in the peforming arts. Watch the tenacious teen tackle the Goo Goo Dolls’ Iris below.

One Direction gets pregnancy pranked

What do a group of teenage boys do when faced with a woman in labor? Nickelodeon conducted a sociological experiment to find out, putting One Direction in the middle of a pretend delivery. While some members stand around awkwardly or run off to call their mum, Harry Styles emerges as the hero. Check it out below.


Bombshell Report: Flo Rida To Release Workout DVD

You might not have moves like Jagger, but you might be able to have abs like Flo Rida in the near future.

The Floridian rapper revealed that he had a workout DVD in the works while on the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards this past Sunday. Addressing rumors of a potential reveal of the secret to his coveted physique, Flo Rida said, “I’m definitely going to do that. I have quite a workout regimen. I’ve always been about fitness and my fans can definitely appreciate that.” Credit Billboard for getting this incredible scoop.

In all seriousness though, Flo Rida, born Tramar Dillard, does have something to brag about. In the rap game, a genre that is cluttered with huge, beefy dudes, Flo Rida might be the strongest. A profile in a 2008 issue of Men’s Fitness had the 6′ 3” rapper at 210 lbs with a 400 lbs bench and a routine that incorporated 1000 daily crunches. Given his propensity for taking off his shirt/tank top during concerts and throwing it at the crowd, it’s safe to assume that he’s probably put on a bit more muscle since then.

Flo Rida has given some insight into what he does at the gym in the past. In an interview with Fuse from this past May Flo again demonstrated a deep commitment to fitness: a practitioner of circuit training, Flo will occasionally hit the gym as late as 3 am. He also mentioned that he brings his boxing trainer out on tour to train, a regimen that most of Flo’s fans probably won’t be able to replicate. But that’s what the workout DVD is for, people!

Sound And Vision: Why I'm Seriously Considering Boycotting Music Award Shows

On November 9, Nashville celebrated itself (again!) with the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards. For the fourth consecutive year, the event was hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, but the masters of ceremonies weren’t the only thing that gave me that old deja vu feeling. Hadn’t these accolades already been handed out just a few months ago?

Wait, those were the Country Music Television (CMT) Music Awards in June. And before that, there were the Academy of Country Music Awards. And, just in case that’s not enough Music City honors for you, there are the 2nd annual American Country Awards coming up on December 5.

Pop and R&B are just as self-congratulatory, offering the MTV Video Music Awards, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the Billboard Awards, the American Music Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, the BET Awards, the BET Hip Hop Awards, the NAACP Image Awards and the Soul Train Music Awards.

Then, of course, there are the GRAMMYs, which following so many other back-slapping fests, have been losing their lustre for years now”though that’s hardly the only reason. Winning one used to be the musical equivalent of snagging an Oscar, but now its just more clutter for the awards shelf.

In a few weeks (November 30, to be exact), the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences will announce the nominees for the 2012 GRAMMY Awards (to be held on February 12). Doesn’t it already feel like we’ve been there and done that over and over and over already this year? Am I the only one who doesn’t doubt that we’re in for another repeat of The Adele Show, with a very special appearance by Lady Gaga. Good as it is, like Christmas, I only need to sit through it once a year.