Presenting the Editor Picks of December

It’s getting a little colder, so we drummed up some new tunes for you to warm up to. Feel free to sit down next to the fire, download these songs for free, and enjoy them alongside a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate.

Katey Laurel – “Two Birds”

You’ll love this if you want: an even-lighter Kelly Clarkson

To The Sea – “Conquer The North”

You’ll love this if you want: something to give you a fighting spirit and need a tune to shout along with

Please Do Not Fight – “Silence My Skin”

You’ll love this if you want: a thinking man’s New Found Glory

The NowhereNauts – “Try to Light My Fuse”

You’ll love this if you want: a punchy indie rock group with catchy guitar riffs

The Lost Colors – “Say OK”

You’ll love this if you want: heavy-handed soulful pop punk with a touch of Paramore

The Nearly Deads – “Fact and Friction”

You’ll love this if you want: powerful female vocals coupled with heart-wrenching alt-rock

Gabriel the Marine – “On and On”

You’ll love this if you want: a Ra Ra Riot/pop punk love child

Roses and Pirates – “Finding Fires”

You’ll love this if you want: a charming folk sound that has a bit of a kick to it

Press Shuffle: Songs To Rock Out To

I challenge you to find someone that doesn’t like rock music. You may find this task nearly impossible to do, and the reason is simple: Rock music is incredibly diverse and influential. It’s been the music of every generation since the ’50s, and it’s still as relevant as ever. Nowadays, there’s a plethora of sub-genres that have spawned throughout the years from subcultures in many regions of the world, and each of these has its own defining identity. In homage to the rock genre (much used as an umbrella term), we’ve collected many catchy songs from this super set and chosen a select few representatives to showcase the variety of rockin’ music we’ve got available here on OurStage. Don’t let these guys intimidate you; head on over to the Rock Channels and get ready to discover more future rock stars.

Water and Bodies