OurStage Panel Season 2 Winners Eclectic Approach Interviewed by Carla Marie

Last month, OurStage Panel season 2 winners Eclectic Approach took a break from filming their video EPK with Mitchell Stuart to sit down for an interview with Carla Marie. When she’s not rocking out with the fans in the Panel Listen Lounge, Carla serves as co-producer on Elvis Duran and the Morning, the #1 music morning show in the country!

Check out what this “Cool” band had to say about their experiences since the Panel finale and what they hope to accomplish next:

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Watch TheInsider.com's Behind-the-Scenes Footage of the Season 2 OurStage Panel Finale

We were stoked to have Keltie Colleen from The Insider.com join us for the taping of the OurStage Panel finale during SXSW. Keltie was backstage with the bands and the panelists to get exclusive interviews before and after the performances. Click here to check out her pre-performance interviews with Bronze Radio Return, Civil Sound, Eclectic Approach and The Reel and check back tomorrow morning for the premiere of the finale episode!

Pop-Ed: SXSW Redux, The Panel, New Music


We’ve been back from Texas for about a week, and somehow SXSW already feels like old news. All those bands are sooooo last week, man. But seriously, we had a great time, especially filming the Season 2 finale of The OurStage Panel. I want to thank Bronze Radio Return, The Reel, Civil Sound and Grand Prize Winners Eclectic Approach for bringing their A game and being all-around capital dudes. Please check out the finale episode, which premieres on Thursday, March 29th at 7:30 am (EST) and, of course, will be available to watch at any time after that. Let us know if you agree with the panelists.


As I stumbled, sleep deprived, out of The Parish (the awesome club where we shot The Panel), hauling some gear and cursing the yellow sky disc for being so bright, I walked past another bar where the stage was right in the front window. I was able to catch less than forty seconds of a band that featured two women facing each other, singing and playing keys, quite apparently having a blast and taking the whole audience with them. I loved it, but I had to catch a ride, and didn’t have time to figure out who it was. Later, I went to the club’s calendar, only to find simply SXSW. Damn you, calendar. Many sleepless nights and nearly $40,000 in private investigator fees later, I found that it was Brooklyn’s own Lucius, playing the Berklee College of Music showcase. I implore you to listen.

The audio on this next video isn’t so good, but it captures the moment of discovery, as I pass through the lower left of the screen at thirty-two seconds in. I’m the pasty, long-haired white guy in the sunglasses and black t-shirt (settle down, ladies) who doubles back, around :43, only to have to chase my ride by 1:09. Sometimes all it takes is a few quality seconds.

One of the many bonuses of my job is stumbling across great music in the course of an average workday. For instance, I happened to hear Jules Larson’s excellent moody/retro/pop/rock track I Want It All while perusing the OurStage Best of the Best Charts. Not exactly a hidden gem, since she’s had a lot of success in competition son the site and has had some real national exposure, but, hey, it was new to me, and maybe now to you, too. Here’s the faux-noir video:

Here’s a band that sparked some debate around the office a couple of weeks ago. It was agreed that Get Back Loretta is a great little rock band, but some were not so psyched about the name. I dunno, I think it’s fine. It was sadly not obvious to all that the name comes from The Beatles’ Get Back. Sigh. But what’s a name anyway? You know, The Beatles probably sounded like a pretty stupid name before those guys started ruling and dominating popular music for, like, ever. I digress”check out Grown So Cold. Here’s their video for “Mary Sunday.”

Here’s some grooving hip-hop, which I’m into especially because of the line, Disturbed by my own thoughts / my brain patterns couldn’t be followed by John Madden. Listen to This Is My Time by MaG, and check out the live video for “Paper Airplanes.”

Talk to you later, ok.

The OurStage Panel Season 2 Finale Extravaganza

We hope you’ve all enjoyed watching Season 2 of The OurStage Panel. We featured sixteen fantastic artists this season and had a blast with our celebrity guest panelist, Gavin DeGraw!

Now that we have our four winners, we’re headed off to the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX for the big finale. On Friday, March 16th, Bronze Radio Return, Civil Sound, The Reel and Eclectic Approach will all take the stage at The Parish during our official SXSW party to perform live in front of our panel. In the end, however, only one of them will take home the grand prize: a performance video filmed in NYC by Emmy Award-winning director Mitchell Stuart, $5,000 in cash, a one-on-one mentorship with industry heavyweights and, ultimately, the chance to emerge onto the national stage.

If you’re going to be at SXSW, we would love for you to be there for the live taping of the finale. You can get all the details and reserve your spot by RSVPing to our Facebook event. We’ll be getting in touch with all “Attending” guests in the next few days to confirm attendance for the guest list. As for the rest of you, stay tuned…we’ll be premiering our finale right here on the ‘net very soon.

PS – Miss an episode? Just want to see more Gavin DeGraw? Catch up on Episodes 1-4 here.

Watch The OurStage Panel Weigh In On Eclectic Approach, Darlingside, Mieka Pauley and The Niceguys In Episode 4

This is it, folks. We’re down to the final webisode of Season 2 of The OurStage Panel. With just one spot left on the stage, the SXSW lineup is almost complete. This week we’ve got a little something for everyone”Eclectic Approach and The Niceguys are holding down the hip hop, Darlingside is bringing the Americana and Mieka Pauley‘s got a treat for all you pop addicts. So sit back, relax and enjoy the musical goodness. Got an artist you love the most? Disagree with The Panel? Let us know in the comments!

Pop-Ed: Austin TX Calling, Warped Tour ESPN Main Event, Montrose

I can already smell the delicious BBQ, taste the ice cold Lone Star, feel the hot Texas sun and hear the sound of a thousand bands”it’s SXSW time, friends. If you’re planning on being there, please join us at The Parish (214 E. 6th St in Austin) between 11am-3pm on March 16th, as we film the big finale of The OurStage Panel, featuring live performances by the four finalists and special guests Blondfire. It’s an official SXSW party, so you can get in with a badge, but the best thing to do is RSVP to our Facebook invite.

And if you’re going to be hanging for the whole festival, we’ve complied a nice little guide to the OurStage artists you should check out. Listen to all fifteen here.

Meanwhile, catch up on the first three episodes of The OurStage Panel, where the competition has been reeeeaaaallly tight with some awesome music.

Oh, breaking news: some swank competitions coming up. We’ve got a chance for solo hip-hop and R&B artists to perform a song in front of a huge crowd at ONE FEST in Miami. Get started here. And, get this”we are giving twenty-two artists the chance to perform at the one and only Vans Warped Tour this summer. And one artist will play ALL twenty-two dates, traveling from city to city in style, via the OurStage tour bus. Damn. You can enter your song as of noon on March 6th.

And remember when you were sitting there, minding your own business, watching the NCAA basketball games on ESPN and you heard a bunch of OurStage artists? I do. Yes, I remember it like it was two weeks ago. Well, get ready for the Main Event. Literally, ESPN’s Main Event, where OurStage artists will be selected to go head-to-head on the Main Event Facebook page for a chance at some valuable exposure on ESPN’s boxing broadcasts. Launching March 15th.

Finally, we here at OurStage would like to say farewell to Ronnie Montrose, guitar monster, who played one Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey and was the force behind Montrose, featuring a young and not-yet-totally-awful Sammy Hagar:

Hope to see you in Texas, freakazoids!


Z100's Elvis Duran Gives OurStage A Shout-Out

We were totally psyched to hear Elvis Duran mention us during his morning radio show on Z100 New York last week. His show is not only the biggest radio show in NYC, but it’s also syndicated all over America. Also, fun fact: OurStage Panel co-host Carla Marie is a producer on Duran’s show and panelist Sharon Dastur is the program director for all of Z100! Check out the OurStage shout-out in the clip below and hear more from Elvis Duran on his official website.

The fourth episode of The OurStage Panel will premiere this Thursday at 7:30 AM. Next week, we’re off to SXSW to film the finale…stay tuned!


OurStage Artists At SXSW

Here at OurStage, we’re counting down the seconds until SXSW. Not only do we have the OurStage Panel Finale Extravaganza to look forward to, but we’ll be seeing awesome live performances from some of the best musicians in the world!

If you’re going to be at SXSW too, we hope you’ll take the time to catch showcases from OurStage artists like Andrew Belle, The Niceguys, Stepdad and Jukebox The Ghost. Check out our OurStage artist showcase schedule with venue, date and time information and listen to all fifteen artists in the player below. Don’t miss out, it’s gonna be wild!

This Week On The OurStage Panel: PunchFunkLove, The Organ Beats, Alanna Clarke And The Reel

We’re halfway through Season 2 of The OurStage Panel, with Bronze Radio Return and Civil Sound heading to the SXSW Season Finale, and two more coveted spots are still left on the bill. This week, The Panel, consisting of Gavin DeGraw (Platinum Recording Artist), Bruce Tyler (Executive Producer/Ent. Consultant/Former Executive Vice President Sony Music), Lee Dannay (Vice President of A&R, Warner/Chappell Music), Sharon Dastur (Program Director Z100, New York, NY) and Scott Igoe (Music Producer for Jimmy Kimmel Live!), weighs in on PunchFunkLove, The Organ Beats, Alanna Clarke and The Reel. Head to the video below to find out who will get a chance to move on.