Ramble On

The Roaming Soldiers

Like a car that’s broken down on the side of a highway under a blistering desert sun, The Roaming Soldiers make the kind of music that demands some sweat and grit to get going. Guitars screech and groan like a machine that desperately needs oil; rhythms buck and start before jolting forward precariously. It’s swampy, soulful Southern rock that’s made for beer drinking and bad decisions. On Shot Gun, dual guitars rear up like a double-headed dragon, scorching everything around them while cymbals shimmy in the background like a rattlesnake ready to pounce. Healing Machine is a lurching, angular groove that has whiffs of Black Crowes’ Remedy. Anyone who’s ever been kicked in the teeth by life will find plenty of commiseration in the bitter blues jam Last Cards. If howling and licking your wounds isn’t your thing, skip to Strange for a Zeppelin-esque guitar lashing. Pain’s no picnic, but The Roaming Soldiers make it hurt so good.