Winner Announced For The NMS Live At The Roxy Competition!

The New Music Seminar Live At The Roxy Competition kicked off in December 2010, offering rock, pop and country acts a shot at a career-breaking prize”a chance to perform at the 2011 New Music Seminar (NMS) closing party at Los Angeles hotspot The Roxy. The votes are in, the battles are over and a Grand Prize winner has been confirmed. Meet The Well Reds, an Atlanta pop-rock quartet whose song 6 More Months rose all the way to the top of the channel and into the ears of the judges at OurStage.

The guys scored a performance spot on February 16 to do what they do best, rock out. This year, NMS rounded up the movers and the shakers of the modern music business (Michael Doernberg, Ben Campbell, Pete Edge, Courtney Holt, Tim Westergren and more) to discuss the current state of the music biz and what’s to come for the artists and leaders of tomorrow. So, you never know who might be in the audience listening. Join us in congratulating The Well Reds on their win, and stay tuned to the OurStage magazine to catch our interview the guys to hear all about their experience.

Judges Needed In The NMS Live At The Roxy Competition Presented By OurStage

The home stretch is just around the corner for artists competing in the New Music Seminar Live at The Roxy Competition presented by OurStage. The competition is currently in the semi-finals stage and the Top 40 eligible artists in the channel are duking it out to make it to a spot in the Top 20 by the end of the month. A Grand Prize winner will be chosen from these artists to perform at the NMS closing party at Los Angeles hotspot The Roxy on February 16th. This isn’t just any old gig. NMS brings together some of today’s best and brightest talents in the music business, so one never knows who might be in the audience listening. These artists need YOUR help to put them on The Roxy stage, and all you have to do is JUDGE! Head to the channel now, check out who’s making waves in the competition and make your voice heard. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Submissions And Judging Still Open For The NMS Live At The Roxy Competition!

The New Music Seminar brings together some of the music industry’s leading innovators to discuss the future of the business and share their insight with tomorrow’s up-and-comers. YOU could land a gig at  the 2011 NMS closing party at LA hotspot The Roxy simply by entering your music into the OurStage presents New Music Seminar Live At The Roxy Competition. OurStage’s very own CEO Ben Campbell will be speaking at this year’s conference!

So what are you waiting for? If your music falls into the singer-songwriter, rock or pop genres, then enter your best original song in the competition by January 23rd for a chance at the grand prize”and don’t forget to tell your friends and fans to come out and judge in the channel. Fans can help OurStage’s best undiscovered stars get their big break simply by judging, and who knows, they might even find their next favorite act. But hurry, judging ends on January 31st. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Artists AND Judges Needed In The NMS Live At The Roxy Competition

The New Music Seminar (NMS) is a biannual conference that brings together the biggest and most innovative players in today’s music business. This year, NMS has partnered with OurStage to give undiscovered singer-songwriter, rock and pop acts across the country an incredible opportunity. The OurStage Presents NMS Live at The Roxy Competition will award one lucky winner with a performance slot at the NMS closing party at Los Angeles hotspot The Roxy on February 16, 2011. The competition is still open to artist submissions, so if you want to be considered for this awesome prize, enter your best original song by January 23rd! Fans, you could bring the best undiscovered artists on the web to the ears of some of the music industry’s biggest players simply by judging in the channel. The final deadline for judging is January 31st, so be sure to head to head to the channel soon and make your voice heard. For official rules and competition information, click HERE.

Tricks of The Trade: What Small Venues Are Doing To Bolster Ticket Sales

Like larger venues, clubs are trying to sell tickets to financially strapped fans by deploying social media, dangling discounts and free goodies and even sleeping with the enemy: neighboring rock clubs!

“Venues are forced to get creative,” said Samantha Bullock of INDIGENOUS Promotions, who works with bands LESANDS and Tape Deck Mountain and promotes The Rumble, an eight-city network of free indie-music showcases.

Clubs are pushing more value in experiences and spreading the word with technology. At The Casbah (San Diego), tweeted codewords get redeemed for discounts. The Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood) experiments with ticket incentives like posters or parking validation.

The Roxy on the Sunset Strip

“Some people thought the phone would never stop ringing, [but] the economy was a real wake-up call for the [Sunset] Strip,” said Nic Adler, who co-owns the 500-capacity Roxy Theatre. Competition from other creative enclaves added to area woes. Adler aimed to nix the club-against-club mentality and promote the region as a rock bloc. This ‘all boats rise with the tide’ philosophy encouraged the Whisky, the Cat Club and others to come along for the ride.

When @TheViperRoom arrived on Twitter, @TheRoxy tweeted its 10,000 fans to herald its nemesis, ushering in an era of Strip Solidarity. A Sunset Strip Music Festival is even held each summer to promote the scene and venues.

The Rumble crowd at Bar Pink San Diego

This year, big tours have dropped dates. Promoters tried to fill seats with $10 tickets and Coachella addressed sticker shock by offering concert goers EZ-payment plans. Clubs are brainstorming, too. Some venues are short selling unsold tickets opting to make bank from booze sales while Sunset Strip ˜Tweet Crawls’ connect the rock-spot dots. They have even directed fans to other club doors, Adler swears.

Becky Ebenkamp

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