Air Traffic Controller Release "Pick Me Up" Music Video

Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller are just plain catchy. There’s no fighting that. If you’re looking for comparisons, the pop majesty of ELO with hints of Vampire Weekend‘s Paul-Simonization of modern indie rock come to mind (their track “Pick Me Up” lifts a rhythm straight from “Graceland” to great effect). But we think that combination produces a sound that’s all ATC, and the band’s new animated video for “Pick Me Up” is just further proof. It’s not easy to do the animation/live-action combo this well, and on a budget to boot, but it works in so many ways. Check it out below, and catch the band at this year’s SXSW. (more…)

Haim "If I Could Change Your Mind" Video Teaser

2012HaimPR050412Haim have released a 22-second teaser for their upcoming music video, “If I Could Change Your Mind,” and as vague as it is (read: we have no idea what’s happening in it) we’re pretty excited to see what the full video holds. Unfortunately, with no release date as of yet, we may have to wait a while. The video was directed by Warren Fu (Daft Punk, The Strokes, Depeche Mode) and since it’s Haim we’re talking about, we feel confident saying fans won’t be disappointed. Check out the teaser below. (more…)

Soundtrax: Anti-Valentine's Day Songs

Anti-Valentine’s Day by OurStage on Grooveshark


For those of you who couldn’t stand all the sap in our Valentine’s Day playlist, this one’s for you. We’ve filled this week’s Soundtrax with heartache, misery, and a touch of independence for those of you looking to get away from candy-filled hearts and store-bought flowers. Frank Turner, the Buzzcocks, and OurStage artist the Airborne Toxic Event are just a few of the bands on this week’s list that are right there beside you.

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Reddit User Unearths The Name Of The New Strokes Album Before Official Release Announcement

After digging through cached images and code in The Strokes’ official website, one Reddit user claimed that he discovered the name and artwork of the band’s upcoming album. The artwork, which is a stark red cover in the style of an old-school RCA tape reel box, features the words Comedown Machine directly underneath the name of the band. The user also reported that several visitors to who had attempted to listen to the band’s new single were directed to a URL that also featured the words “comedownmachine.” Now, following the Reddit scoop, The Strokes’ website features the red artwork prominently displayed behind a stream of the band’s single. The band has also just announced that the album will be released on March 26 through RCA. Once again, Reddit wins at the Internet.

If you can’t wait for the new album, check out OurStage members The Black Rabbits.

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The Black Rabbits: OurStage Pro Artists Of The Week

The Black Rabbits

This week’s OurStage Pro Artist of the Week is Asheville North Carolina’s The Black Rabbits. The band made waves in 2010 after their debut EP cracked the CMJ Top 100, garnering some serious press and catching the attention of the great Stan Lynch, producer and drummer, formerly of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Lynch produced their first LP, Hypno Switch. The band’s rather varied take on rootsy-to-modern rock and roll is always catchy, moody, and compelling. Shades of The Strokes slip in via singer Jetson Black, while the musical canvas ranges from slick, driving, classic guitar rock to spare acoustic breakdowns. And everyone can dig a little guy-girl vocal interaction, no?

With a lot of road work under their belt and a new LP in the works (tentatively titled Requiem For A Princess), The Black Rabbits are poised for a breakout 2013. Listen to “Hypno Switch” below:

Soundtrax: Ringing In The New Year


Soundtrax: Ringing In The New Year by OurStage on Grooveshark




It’s time to ring in the new year! 2012 has just about come to a close, and though it was a year that brought us everything from the sensational  “Call Me Maybe,” to new Taylor Swift videos, we’re ready to welcome 2013 with a fistful of brand new tunes. Check out this party playlist of must-haves for any New Year’s Eve and get dancing.

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Anthems of Awesomeness

The Yearbooks

The Byrds, the Zombies, Fountains of Wayne, OK GO ¦ mop-topped power pop has a long history here in the U.S. and overseas. Its combination of hooks, guitars, swagger, and rhythm has proven to be an indelible attractor. So if you’re into power pop, it’s likely you’ll be into The Yearbooks. The Chicago-based band is made up of singer Sars Flannery, guitarists Eric Hehr and Bill Friel, bassist Drew Potenza, and drummer Adam James. Together, they crank out hooky rockers with karate chop guitar riffs and propulsive rhythms. Start your introduction with She Did It With Her Eyes. It’s angular, edgy, and jagged with airy vocals”part Strokes and part Death Cab For Cutie. Season of Love, with its staccato guitars, throbbing bass, and strutting drums, is the sound of being cool. Listen and learn.

SoundTrax: Bar Fight

Bar fights seem to be one of those things you hear a lot about, but never get to witness in real life. Sure, the prospect seems totally plausible; place a bunch of drunk men in a small space and there’s bound to be issues. Unfortunately, the spectacle seems reserved for the silver screen. But the one thing both movie-style and real life bar fights always seem to lack is a kick-ass soundtrack. And with the exception of Keanu Reeves’ best film The Replacements, not many have very good post-bar-fight music either. So, this week at SoundTrax we’ve put togther a list of songs that ooze with swagger and grit and enough riff-age to fill an entire album on their own.  These hard-hitting, driving, pulsating tunes will get your blood pumping and fists swinging. Just don’t go around blasting this playlist anywhere all willy-nilly, you might start an unwanted rumble at your local coffee shop. Who knows, maybe you did want this to happen¦.Tyler Durden.

Be sure to pack these tunes with you next time you feel like the local watering hole might turn a bit hostile. And we’ll take care of your post-coital audio needs at a later date.


SoundTrax: Bar Fight from OurStage on 8tracks.

The Strokes help build up the tension before things get too crazy, while Pearl Jam provide the backing track for the initial pushing and shoving that always starts out as a good-natured joust. Next, 2nd HALF pick up the pace and keep the action driving forward with an unrelenting track that’s got some balls. Say Anything drop a little comic relief into the scene with the playful intro to their mini rock-opera, before the fists start flying once again. Next up, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown get the feet involved with a tune that features impressive guitar work, a catchy hook and a crazy amount of 70s swagger. Before the bass heavy track by Red Hot Chili Peppers grounds things a bit, Cold Conspiracy‘s story of heartbreak makes for a chugging, head-slamming track that would be great in any Madden franchise. Finally, The Cranberries close us out with their angst-ridden ’90s classic.

The EditoriaList: Top Ten Indie Rock Side Projects

Oh, the side project. So often a bad idea, a vanity project, intended to display another side of an artist who really only has one good side. But other times, we get to see the output of great artists and performers who escape the confines of the project for which they are best-known. And if you’re a fan of that primary project, it’s always interesting to see what else the artist is driven or inspired to do, and whether you like the side project more or less. This list focuses on artists that could all be described as indie rock (depending on how strictly you define that term, I guess). The side project may or may not have evolved into a main project, but it has to have been formed secondarily to another band or ‘career’ while that career was still ongoing. This is my decree, let it be so…

10. The Gentlemen

Members of frequent tour-mates The Figgs and The Gravel Pit got together for this riff-heavy and rootsy rock band whose debut album, Ladies And Gentlemen, is a blistering good time.


9. She & Him

M. Ward was primarily a well-respected solo artist before hooking up with actress and singer Zooey Deschanel and launching She & Him, for which they both write the music. It’s simply delightful, classic pop.


The Black Rabbits Vs. The Strokes

In 2001, The Strokes released their landmark debut album, Is This It. Upon its release, the album was immediately successful and had a huge impact on popular music at the time. Coming after the grunge heyday of the ’90s, their simple no frills sound paved the way for other indie rock bands like The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys to achieve mainstream success. Their immediate success, both critically and commercially, proved that vintage rock sounds could still be successful in today’s music scene. Without The Strokes, many of the rock bands we know and love today may not have even got off the ground. Here at OurStage we have many great up-and-coming rock bands, but one band in particular, The Black Rabbits, have a sound that is quite similar to that of The Strokes.

OurStage's The Black Rabbits

The Strokes









Like The Strokes, The Black Rabbits have a sound that takes its influence from classic rock, but also has a modern touch which makes them unique. If you listen to their song “Hypno Switch,” you can hear some immediate similarity to The Strokes’ song “Trying Your Luck.” Both songs are recorded at about the same tempo and are based around slightly distorted guitar chords. Like The Strokes’ singer Julian Casablancas, The Black Rabbits’ singer Jetson Black possesses a deep croon that is rough around the edges, but is still melodic and in tune. However, while “Trying Your Luck” has a relatively dark tone, “Hypno Switch” is a more upbeat affair with a really catchy wordless chorus. “Hurry, Hurry” is another track that is similar to the sound of The Strokes. With the guitar, bass and drums playing in almost rhythmic unison, the focus of the song is on Black’s vocals. The song is more somber than “Hypno Switch,” but Black’s deep voice still fit this style perfectly. “For Way Too Long Now” is another song in this vein, where simple guitar chords allow a catchy vocal melody to shine through. The chorus also finds Black using the kind of distorted growl in his vocals that Julian Casablancas has made famous.