50 States in 50 Weeks…Week 26: New Hampshire


Fun Facts: State Flower: Purple Lilac, State Insect: Ladybug, State Song: Old New Hampshire and New Hampshire, My New Hampshire.

Home of: Ray Lamontagne, Mandy Moore, Steven Tyler,  Brian Viglione, Adam Sandler, John Irving, Sarah Silverman

The Venues:

The tents at Great Waters

The tents at Great Waters

Designed to appeal to both fans of classical music and popular music is the Great Waters Music Festival located in New Hampshire’s lakes region. They have stuck to that mission to this day, hosting performers such as Wynton Marsalis, Dave Brubeck, Arlo Guthrie, Glen Miller Orchestra and many more. Over the past 14 years, attendance has grown from 325 visitors for 1 classical performance to over 7,000 guests (more…)


You get in your car, check the side mirrors, buckle your seat belt and put the key in the ignition. Just as you’re about to hit the road, you reach a disappointing realization: The mix you made last night”the one you just couldn’t wait to listen to on your way to work” is still inside. Some people may just flip on the radio and drive off (you are late for work after all). Others”like myself” realize the importance of the perfect “commute mix,” and will immediately hop out of the car in order to grab the coveted disk. In fact, my commute involves a carefully-realized flow of events that is appropriately complimented by a perfect order of songs.

When I pull out of the driveway, for example, there needs to be something upbeat and poppy. By the time I reach the highway, I need a driving beat to get me up to speed. And as I reach my destination, the playlist should wind down as if giving me a sense of closure. It may sound silly but trust me. The first time you pass a car on the left as your favorite chorus kicks in, you’ll understand why having a commute playlist is as important as having gas in your car. Give this mix a shot. I’ve given it my “road-worthy” stamp of approval.