Courtney Love (Ew) Says Nirvana Musical (Gross) Isn't Happening (Thank God)

You know things are getting out of hand when Courtney Love has to step in to be the voice of reason.

Love, the wife of the late, great Kurt Cobain, stated in an interview with The Observer that rumors regarding musical about her relationship with her deceased husband were just that. “There will be no musical,” said Love. “Sometimes it’s just best to leave things alone.”

Wait, since when was there going to be a Nirvana musical? Says who?! Sam Lufti, that’s who.

Lufti, the sometimes co-manager of Love, is currently involved in a rather ugly lawsuit with one of his past clients Britney Spears. While testifying under oath Lufti made mention of a potential stage or screen adaptation of Cobain’s life story and the music of Nirvana.


No Doubt Pull New Video Offensive To Native Americans

This past Friday, No Doubt released a music video for their newest single “Looking Hot” off their latest album Push And Shove, but it was immediately removed after being criticized for offending the Native American community.

According to Billboard, the video features Gwen Stefani in a “Halloween-ready Native American costume, while bassist Tony Kanal is [a] tribesman who helps the singer escape from her cowboy captors, played by Adrian Young and Tom Dumont.” Due to a large negative response from YouTube users, the band decided to pull the video, releasing an apology on their website. Whether or not a remake is in store has yet to be determined.

If you like No Doubt, then you might also like OurStage’s own The Worsties.

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SoundTrax: Ladies Who Rock…Hard


These femme fatales give some of the most dangerous male rockstars a run for their money. Armed with attitude, energy, and a healthy dose of rasp, they are not to be underestimated. This playlist features Dead Sara, Automatic Loveletter, Cherri Bomb, The Distillers, Tsunami Bomb, and OurStage artists The Worsties, Social Jet Lag, and The Design.

Breaking Bad

The Worsties

The Worsties play the kind of music that immediately lends itself to dance parties, fisticuffs and other forms of bacchanal. It’s fun, rowdy and isn’t afraid to bite. Which may be why the band has been picked up by shows like The Real World and Bad Girls Club. Led by the feline yowl of Anna Worstell (not far off from Karen O), the Worsties elbow their listeners to the dance floor with new wave, rock and punk that’s stylish and savage. Party Dress is straight out of the Motor City circa 1969. Frayed guitars and rock steady drums make for a pent-up rocker that demands you belt it out in unison. Likewise, XOXO, is an anthem for bad behavior, made up of thrashing drums and kiss-off guitars. Tightly wound and pressure-cooked, the track is about what happens when you let off a little steam. On Let’s Go, you not only get feral dance rock, you also get a spelling lesson. After the sing-a-long chorus Worstell declares, I just wanna dance all night. So do we. And so will you.

Ernie Ball Is Open In 2011!

It’s officially 2011 everyone! Ernie Ball is helping OurStage kick off another awesome year by¦you guessed it, sponsoring more channels for a year’s supply of strings and accessories. The past year saw some incredible artists”including The Worsties, The Black Rabbits, Andrew Varner, Amy Kuney, A Vision Grotesque, Fiction Reform, Skyler and many more”snag free strings from the legendary string makers. In January, Ernie Ball is giving all artists in the Indie Rock Channel a shot at some free strings. All indie rockers are encouraged to enter their best original track by January 23rd for a shot at taking home this awesome prize. Judges, head to the Indie Rock Channel now and weigh in on who you think should win the Grand Prize. For official rules and competition information, click HERE.

Calling All Judges To The Modern Rock Channel

Over the past months, Ernie Ball has awarded a years’ supply of free strings away to OurStage artists from all walks of the musical spectrum.  The Black Rabbits, Skyler, and A Vision Grotesque have all taken home free strings simply by doing what they do best; making great music. This month Ernie Ball is giving modern rockers a shot at this incredible prize package, and the competition is heating up. During the last days of December, all the artists in the Modern Rock Channel will vye for the top spot and a chance to get hooked up with 52 sets of guitar strings, 12 sets of bass strings and swag from Ernie Ball. YOU can make a difference at this crucial point in the competition by judging in the channel to ensure the best music makes it to the top. Hurry over to the Modern Rock Channel now to judge before it’s too late. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

In past months, Ernie Ball has awarded a years’ supply of free strings away to artists from all walks of the musical spectrum on OurStage. Artists like Black Rabbits, Skyler, and A Vision Grotesque [AS1] have all taken home free strings simply by doing what they do best; making great music. This month Ernie Ball is giving the Modern Rockers a shot at this incredible prize package and the competition is heating up. During the last days of December, all the artists in the Modern Rock channel will be vying for the top spot and a chance to get hooked up with 52 sets of guitar strings, 12 sets of bass strings, and swag from Ernie Ball. YOU can make a difference at the end of the competition by judging in the channel, and ensuring the best music makes it to the top. Hurry over to the Modern Rock channel now and judge before it’s too late. For official rules and competition information click HERE. [AS2]

[AS1]Did you list these in last months blog? Include different artists in with a link to their profile if possible.

[AS2]Make sure you insert links

Rock 'n' Roll Call: Best Of OurStage 2010

This year was certainly a huge one for rock on OurStage. Our 2010 competitions allowed winning artists to play with incredible acts, such as Bon Jovi, Hanson, the Goo Goo Dolls, Mayday Parade, Anberlin and John Mayer.

Outside of the site, our artists have received national radio airplay, scored festival performance sets and had songs placed in TV shows, commercials and movie trailers. From experimental to pop punk, here are 10 of the best OurStage rock artists from 2010!

The Worsties

The Worsties

It takes a very talented band to be able to reach the Number 1 spot on the Best of Rock Charts, and The Worsties kept that spot for 20 weeks! After having their songs placed on MTV and Oxygen, the band won the coveted opening spot for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock in Chicago. Take a listen to “What’s Her Face” in the player below”we guarantee you’ll be headbanging with this female-fronted rock outfit in no time.

Eclectic Approach

As their name suggests, Seattle’s Eclectic Approach pull from a variety of influences to make funky pop rock that is sure to get you off your feet. Meeting somewhere between Maroon 5 and the Black Eyed Peas, Eclectic Approach have got it all” tight beats, catchy hooks, sweet guitar licks and smooth vocals. This year was a big for these guys thanks to six Top 10 wins, including two in the “Shout It Out with HANSON” Competition (they ended up opening for the trio in Portland, OR). Check out “Cool” in the player below and be sure to add it to your next party playlist!

Again and Again

They’ve played at the Vans Warped Tour, sold over 150,000 records and had their album mixed by top modern rock producer Marc Hudson (Chiodos, Saves the Day). They’re Again and Again from Renton, WA and they’re shaping up to be the next big electronic pop rock act. While competing in the “SUBWAY Fresh Artists” Competition (they finished in the Top 10 for their region), the bad was out on tour across the US. Listen to “Excuse This Honesty” in the player below and get ready to mark your calendars with future tour dates!

Take One Car live at Bamboozle

Take One Car

Millerton, NY’s experimental rock group Take One Car have had an extremely successful year. Having released their full-length album When the Ceiling Meets The Floor last year, the band set out to tour and promote their effort as much as possible in 2010. Their hard work paid off when they were selected to perform TWICE at New Jersey’s Bamboozle festival in May (once at Hoodwink, covering At The Drive-In, and a daytime set on Saturday, as themselves). The group followed their Bamboozle performances with more touring, competing in Airwalk Unsigned Hero Contest and opening for the likes of VersaEmerge and The Gay Blades. Check out “The Menagerie” in the player below and be sure to stay tuned, because these guys (and girl) will be releasing a new album next year! They’ve also been invited back to Bamboozle for 2011, so don’t miss their set!

Transmit Now

Can you imagine watching the People’s Choice Awards and hearing your song play as Hugh Jackman accepts his award for Best Action Hero? Well, Tampa, Florida’s pop rock group Transmit Now experienced it in 2010. Additionally, they were featured in J-14 Magazine as a weekly “Hot Band” and released their first full-length album, Downtown Merry-Go-Round. Listen to “Let’s Go Out Tonight” in the player below and blast it on your next night out!

Bronze Radio Return

Bronze Radio Return won fans over in 2010 with their smooth and sultry indie rock. With a warm acoustic sound, Bronze Radio Return are easily compared to Damien Rice and Coldplay. They won the coveted John Mayer “Side Stage Warfare” Competition for the Boston date and racked up four more Top 10 wins in Acoustic, Indie Rock and Modern Rock Channels. Check out “Digital Love” in the player below by BRR, a band that MySpace Records calls one of the best unsigned groups.

Cedar Avenue

Minneapolis acoustic rock outfit Cedar Avenue had great success on OurStage this year. They opened for Hanson in Milwaukee, had their song placed on ABC’s Cougartown and had eight Top 10 wins on the site, including the “SUBWAY Fresh Artists” Competition for their region. Fronted by husband and wife team Derrin and Jesse Mathews, Cedar Avenue has also opened for sold out crowds at Augustana, A Fine Frenzy and Graham Colton concerts. Check out “Up North” in the player below and get ready to rock!

Orange Avenue

Orange Avenue

From one avenue to the next, pop rock group Orange Avenue was named as one of MTV’s newest Buzzworthy bands for 2010. They’ve shared the stage with the All American Rejects, Rihanna, Smash Mouth and more, and had three Top 10 wins on OurStage, including one for their region in the “SUBWAY Fresh Artists” Competition. They also had their music featured on “MLB Tonight” and their video for “Just Refrain” was played at the Winter Olympics. Listen to the track in the player below and be on the lookout for Orange Avenue on MTV and on the radio!

The Appreciation Post

After being named Alternative Press’ Top Unsigned Band in 2009, The Appreciation Post took 2010 by storm. In addition to releasing two EPs, the group also competed in the “Converse Battle of the Bands” Competition and took home the title of champion after opening for Mayday Parade and Anberlin. Check out the synth-heavy “The Beating of a Lifetime” in the player below and check out the band’s webstore for awesome deals and free music!

The Black Rabbits

Indie rock group The Black Rabbits spent 2010 as both the winners of a year’s worth of guitar strings from Ernie Ball and one of our Needle in the Haystack artists. They were subsequently signed to Rock Ridge Music and have been working hard putting together their debut album! Listen to “Emotion” in the player below and stay tuned for new music coming soon!

We’re already looking forward to meeting the next rock stars of 2011! Who were your favorite OS rock artists this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Punk Rock Needs Your Vote In November!

Ernie Ball has given away strings to the likes of The Worsties, A Vision Grotesque, Andrew Varner and Amy Kuney in channels ranging from singer-songwriter to metal. This month, OurStage punk rockers are getting their chance to score a year’s supply of guitar and bass strings free from Ernie Ball. All that thrashing and riffing can put some serious strain on any pair of strings, and replacements don’t come cheap these days. In fact, the opportunity to take new strings off the shopping list for an entire year can make a serious difference for any up-and-coming artist. So if you consider yourself a punk rock connoisseur or a casual listener, head to the OurStage Punk Channel, vote for your favorite punk songs and discover some great new music on the way. The winner will be selected in December by judges at Ernie Ball and music experts at OurStage. To check out some of the heavyweights currently competing in the Punk Channel, hit up the playlist below.

Help Your Favorite Metal Artist Win Free Strings From Ernie Ball

Every month since May, Ernie Ball has given away a year’s supply of strings to deserving artists across multiple OurStage channels. They have already awarded free strings to OurStage artists Andrew Varner, The Black Rabbits and The Worsties and are now looking to award October’s awesome prize to one lucky band in the Metal Channel. By judging the Metal Channel this month, not only can you can listen to some truly awesome music, but you can also give a deserving up-and-coming shredder a chance at crossing strings off the shopping list for an entire year. When you play as hard and as fast as the artists in the Metal Channel, this prize is a serious one-up on the competition. Head to the Metal Channel now to weigh in on who you think should make it to the top of the heap. For official rules and competition information click HERE.

Winner Announced For Ernie Ball In September!

September is over which means another OurStage artist has been selected by the folks at Ernie Ball to be the recipient of a year supply of free strings. Meet The Meadows, a Los Angeles-based songwriting duo whose sound, according to Rolling Stone, is “steeped in the acoustic soul of Big Star and sprinkled with the arena-rock dust of Coldplay.” The pair were introduced by “future ex-girlfriends” a few years back and have been making music ever since. Their music has garnered acclaim from music giants such as the aforementioned Rolling Stone, and Playback. The guys now join the ranks of past Ernie Ball winners Amy Kuney, Andrew Varner, The Black Rabbits and The Worsties, and are walking away with a years supply of free strings. To learn more about The Meadows, head to their OurStage profile. To check out some tracks, take a listen to the playlist below.