Listen To Trent Reznor's Theme Song For "Call Of Duty: Black Ops II"

Nine Inch Nails mastermind and movie soundtrack composer Trent Reznor has written, recorded, and produced a theme song for the new first-person shooter warfare video game Call Of Duty: Black Ops II. The instrumental track is a dark and foreboding mix between unmistakable NIN electronics and distortion and Reznor’s equally as recognizable and suspenseful score-writing (as heard in the film The Social Netowork).

The game will be released tomorrow (Tuesday, November 13th), as will Reznor’s debut album for his and wife Mariqueen Maandig‘s new project, How To Destroy Angels. The EP entitled An Omen also features Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan, both NIN collaborators.

While Reznor appears to have his hands full at the moment, we may be expecting some new NIN material in the near future. In the meantime, check out his theme for Call Of Duty: Black Ops II below.

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