Those Mockingbirds Release 'Penny The Dreadful' LP

penny-large mockingbirdsIt’s July the 1st, and for us, that means summer is in full swing. We’ve been so busy that the season has snuck up on us, and here we are without an album of the summer to call our own yet. Well, contender number one has just dropped. It’s called Penny the Dreadful and it’s by our old friends Those Mockingbirds. New Jersey’s finest have been building a formidable set of songs for this, their debut LP, and it is worth the wait. It’s rock and roll that revels in the guitars, drawing inspiration as much from current modern rock as from the great melodic guitar slashers from the ’90s, including Stone Temple Pilots (with better lyrics) and the often overlooked Hum. Get it on iTunes now – it could be your go-to summer rocker.

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October is always a month for changes. The leaves start changing color, the weather starts getting colder and the feeling that winter is right around the corner starts to creep in. But October isn’t all bad! The brisk weather can be really refreshing, and Halloween” the one day of the year where adults get to play dress up and not look insane”is always sure to be a blast. So with that in mind, we’ve hand-picked a brand new playlist of OurStage songs to soundtrack your weekend of leaf raking or your awesome Halloween party. Head over to the OurStage Facebook page to download the mix for free, or check out 8tracks to listen to it along with our past Editor Picks playlists. So put on your headphones, kick back, and enjoy some great tunes.

Those Mockingbirds “Coast To Coast” – If you’re looking for some ’90s nostalgia you’ve come to the right place. This song has the influence of grunge written all over it.

Kim Wempe “Out Of My Closet” – The perfect mix of folk and blues for a lazy autumn afternoon.

Dirty Fuzz “The True History Of Rock And Roll” – The title pretty much speaks for itself. Loud guitar riffs and soulful singing evoke the memories of past rockstars.

The Trews “The World, I Know” – You can hear influences from the Rolling Stones to R.E.M. in this hard rocking tune.

Windoview “Uke Song” – Ukuleles seem to be all the rage these days, and this song doesn’t fail to disappoint. A soft and heartfelt indie pop song.

The All-Girl Boys Choir “Red” – Even though they’re only a duo, The All-Girl Boys Choir rocks out harder than most bands double their size. Don’t ever say that girls can’t rock too!

Andrew Belle “Static Waves” – Andrew Belle’s acoustic ballad gets a boost from a backup female singer and an accompanying string section for an epic sounding song.

Tess Dunn “Marionette Of Me” – An irresistible piano line and Tess Dunn’s catchy vocal melodies ensure that this track will remain stuck in your head for awhile.

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It’s an exciting week for OurStage artist Those Mockingbirds, who are debuting their new EP! The five-piece rock band from Montclair, NJ put out their first EP in 2010, and are releasing Fa Sol La tomorrow, September 13th. You might know the band for their cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “The Chain”, which was featured in our Editor Picks back in April. But now, we’re excited to share our thoughts with you on their new music and what we’ve learned about it from the band!

Fa Sol La starts off and ends with two fairly short instrumental tracks that Rob (bass, vocals) told us “seemed like such perfect bookends to the album”. Their guitarist, Jon, played a big part in coming up with “Mountain Slang I” and “Mountain Slang II”, which really do nicely wrap the whole album and make it a cohesive work.


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I’m particularly excited about this month’s selection of Editor Picks, for the completely unrelated reason that April is this editor’s birthday month. But you don’t have to be celebrating a birthday to capitalize on the awesomeness that is this month’s Best Of playlist. Packed to the gills grizzly rock anthems, sick hip hop beats and even a Fleetwood Mac cover and American Idol contestant, run, don’t walk to OurStage’s Facebook page to download the eight songs for free. Don’t forget to check out to listen to past months’ playlists.

Eclectic Approach “Cool” – Rock meets pop meets hip hop, you don’t need to be a cool kid to enjoy this track.

Tim Halperin “She Runs” – You may recognize Tim from Jennifer Lopez flirting shamelessly with him on this season of American Idol, but we’ll continue the love affair right here on OurStage.

Jerzy Jung “Black Dress, White Dress” – We’re jealous of her (god-given) name and Annie Lennox-sounding vocals.

Those Mockingbirds “The Chain” – Almost forty years later this Fleetwood Mac classic still holds up, given a new life with sandy female harmonies and crunching guitars.

Black Thai “The Ladder” – If you weren’t buying into the metal resurgence as of late, let Black Thai change your mind.

PunchFunkLove “James Brown” – Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots with mind blowing energy.

Yung O “Eddie Kane Jr” – Who knew Oklahoma City had such a raging underground hip hop scene?

Chasing Blue “Whiskey and Wine” – Because we just can’t shake our Mumford & Sons obsession, and Chasing Blue does bluegrass right.

The Aviators

Those Mockingbirds

We all know, thanks to Atticus Finch, that certain birds should never be silenced. Listen to the music of Those Mockingbirds and you’ll be inclined to agree. The New Jersey band’s wingspan covers orchestral rock to jarring post-punk, and it’s all effing brilliant. Likeminded brethren of Silversun Pickups, Those Mockingbirds provide plenty of theater in their music. Start with “The Deer and the Derrick where a guttural bass line sounds a low warning before the music breaks into shimmering waves of indie pop. When the guitar and violin lock horns on the bridge, it’s nothing short of thrilling. We Are the Antidote is a driving, angular rocker that unfolds in parts: Act I is an elegy; Act II a war. Fans of discordant post-punk will love the frenetic swagger of Honest? Honest. Then there’s the band’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain” faithful to the original, but singers Adam Bird and Tory Daines make a sweeter pair of voices. When the coda arrives, brace yourselves. Those Mockingbirds kill it.