Dustin Kensrue Releases "It's Not Enough" Video

Former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue has released the video for his latest solo single, “It’s Not Enough.”

The latest single to surface off Kensrue’s forthcoming album, “It’s Not Enough” is a somber release with a fittingly simple video. The clip features Kensrue walking on a sound stage treadmill while a variety of nature and archival footage plays in the background. The song itself oozes religious overtones, but that’s nothing new for the singer. You can view the clip below.

Spirituality as a theme has become more prevalent as Kensrue has moved into a solo career. “It’s Not Enough” reflects this, with lyrics and structure that could very well have been pulled out of a hymnal. Fans have never had much of an issue with these messages in the past, but now that it is becoming more of a focus it will certainly be interesting to see how people will react.

Kensrue will release his latest album, The Water And The Blood, on October 1. (more…)

Exclusive Q and A: Thrice Talk Hiatus, Jazz, and 'Anthology'

Throughout the past decade, Thrice fans have become accustomed to surprising stylistic changes with each new album, but no surprise was greater than when the band announced their hiatus in November 2011, only several months after the release of their last studio album, Major/Minor. Though the band made clear that the hiatus announcement was not a breakup, many devoted fans still felt the loss acutely. As a send“off, the band organized a farewell tour that would be recorded and memorialized in Anthology, a live double album that the band is offering as a set of four vinyl LPs. We recently caught up with bassist Ed Breckenridge to reflect on the band’s career, his plans for the future, and what advice he would give his 15-year-old self.

OS: Reflecting on your entire Thrice career thus far, what have been some of your favorite moments with the band?

EB: There are tons of moments¦that’s hard. Recording sessions are filled with lots of amazing moments, shows, working out new songs. It’s really hard to single them out. I’d say that my favorite part about being in the band was meeting so many great people and learning so much about music, life, and the world. I’m already missing that a ton. (more…)

Stream Thrice's Live Album – "Anthology"

Still heartbroken about Thrice breaking up? Well don’t you worry. They understand, and just to show how much they care, they’ve put together a 24-song collection of select live recordings from their farewell tour. The limited edition physical 4-LP/2-CD box set is set to be released next week on October 30 by Staple Records, but you can hear it right now streaming on SoundCloud! So grab your buddies and some tissues, sit back, and enjoy the final recordings of Thrice as you weep for the demise of one of our generations greatest bands. (Suck it up. There’s probably gonna be a reunion anyway.)

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Friday, May 4th, 2012

Exclusive Q&A: Thrice Joins the 'Major/Minor' Leagues

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsAlternative rockers Thrice, one of the major stalwarts of the wildly popular post-hardcore scene in the early ’00s, have certainly gone through significant changes since their beginnings. But, the differences don’t take shape physically within the band in terms of participating members or even necessarily in the creative process. As the band members have progressed over the years, their growth as individuals have had a tremendous effect on the maturing mood and atmosphere of their music. Thrice is now often seen as a storied veteran of the alternative rock scene, and continue to shift their sound towards a multitude of new directions that could not have been predicted back in the early days of the band’s career. In this exclusive interview, drummer Riley Breckenridge goes over all of the elements that went into their latest album Major/Minor and reflects on the history of the band.


OS: Back when you announced the album, you said that each member was writing music individually for the album. How did that affect the dynamic of the music when you got together to record?

RB: There really wasn’t much difference from any prior records. Everybody’s kind of been a contributor to the songwriting process since as early as I can remember really. When it comes to write a record, everybody kind of works on their own when they have time individually and then when it comes time to write songs, the first step of that process is us bringing the hard drive or iPod with song ideas record on it. We all sit in the same room, listen to what everyone’s got, take notes and figure out what might work and what might not work. You start to get a clearer picture of where the record’s headed based on these ideas that are coming from four people with really different tastes in music. One of the things that makes us us is working hard to get those songs, those ideas, to a place where we’re all content with them.