UTG: Footage of What Could Be Sonic Youth's Final Show Ever

Sonic Youth may have very well performed live for the final time last night. Don’t worry, we have the footage.

Taking into consideration Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s recent separation, the future of Sonic Youth has been unknown for months. Last night’s show at the SWU Music and Arts Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil was the last on their website and no statement about future plans have been announced or revealed. You can view video from the show of the band performing Death Valley ’69³ after the jump.

Even if this is the end of Sonic Youth’s live run, that doesn’t necessarily rule out future studio albums. I know the future looks bleak to fans, but try and stay positive until we have more definite answers. We’ll let you know as soon as anything changes.

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Discourse & Dischord

The Good

OK Go video debut video for End Love

One wonders how long the members of OK Go can keep one-upping themselves. First there was the choreographed backyard dance, then the treadmill choreographed dance, then the enormous Rube Goldberg machine and now this. Feast your eyes on the incredible, painstaking, stop-motion glory that is End Love. The video was filmed over a weekend (one very long weekend we suspect) in Echo Park. We don’t know what these hipster imps have up their sleeve for the next video, but it will be infinitely more delightful than semi-nude dancers with bowl cuts.

The Bad

Scientists to determine why Ozzy Osbourne is still alive

Ozzy Osbourne

If we cut open the Prince of Darkness, what would we find inside? A thousand headless bats? A couple gallons of whiskey and a kilo of cocaine? Soon we’ll have the answers to all these questions and more. Scientists at Knome, a genome sequencing company in Massachusetts, will begin testing Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA to determine how one person can survive so many years of drug abuse, while others cannot. The process will take three months, but afterwards we may know the secret to the 61-year-old’s extreme tolerance. And then we can bottle it. And then we can all go out and eat some bats.

The Ugly

ShamWow guy endorses Eminem’s Recovery

Vince Shlomi, pitchman for such venerated products as ShamWow and Slap Chop, has a new product to hock”Eminem’s forthcoming album Recovery. You’re gonna be clapping when you hear Eminem rapping, he tells viewers. Shlomi’s an interesting pick for spokesperson, considering that he was arrested in March 2009 for punching a prostitute, and Eminem’s got a duet with Rihanna on his album about domestic violence called Love The Way You Lie. Maybe the rapper needs to Chop the Slap out of his album promotion? Just a suggestion.