Generation DIY: Vintage Vinyl For The New Age

Don’t call it a comeback! Vinyl’s been here for years. But recently an increase in record sales signals the resurgence of vinyl and an end to it’s long hibernation. Many music lovers  are fanatics. There’s nothing they won’t collect when it comes to their favorite bands ” ticket stubs, autographs, posters, postcards and, of course, vinyl. On this week’s “Generation DIY,” I’m going to talk about the different types of vinyl pressings as well as ways to create a solid piece of merchandise that your fans can appreciate for years to come. And, for a little more insight (and a treat for all of you true vinyl aficionados out there), this week’s post will also feature advice from none other than Mr. Gregorious Winter from OurStage’s Backtracking Forward. Without further ado, let’s put the needle on the record and get down to business!