New Music Seminar (NMS) founders, Dave Lory and Tom Silverman, have set out make the New Music Seminar bigger and better than ever! This 3-day event is where artists and industry executives join forces and learn from one another on how to adjust to changes in this ever-evolving music industry.

Register now to attend the New Music Seminar and learn from the visionaries and leaders of the new music business.  All those who register to attend will automatically be entered to win a Gibson SG Raw Power Guitar.  This satin white guitar, valued at over $1200, will be given away at the New Music Seminar at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, July 20, 2010.  In addition, NMS is offering a 2-for-1 discount code to their members who attend NMS NYC 2010. After you register at use the promo code NMSNY2010 and you will receive the 2-for-1 discount. Previous New Music Seminars have sold out so register now!

Click here for a list of industry players who will be attending.

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The New Music Seminar (NMS) has always been a starting point for many new artists, and has annually hosted a panel of all-star experts in the music industry. NMS founders Tom Silverman and Dave Lory are teaming up with OurStage to offer an ideal learning experience for those new to the music business. The New Music Seminar Artist on the Verge Competition is giving three lucky artists a shot at winning a showcase at NMS along with over $40,000 in prizes and consulting services! This is the ultimate launch pad for success, so judge now to be a part of it. Check out some of the artists in the “Artist on the Verge” Music Channels below.

New Music Seminar Presents Artist On The Verge

After successful seminars from LA to Chicago, New Music Seminar (NMS) has returned to its roots in NYC, running a 2-day, 3-night seminar July 19th-21st. This event is where artists learn the tricks of the trade on how to rise above the noise floor in the fast-paced and ever-changing music business while networking with other artists, managers, agents and labels.

NMS featured players (speakers) for the upcoming New York City conference will include Eric Garland (Big Champagne), Joe Kennedy (Pandora), Mike Doernberg (ReverbNation), Courtney Holt (MySpace Music), Little Steven (Underground Garage DJ and the E Street Band member), Jay Frank (CMT), Gwen Lipsky (Sound Thinking), Tom Jackson (, Martin Atkins (Tour:Smart), John Simson (SoundExchange), Corrie Christopher (APA), Chris Vinson (Bandzoogle), and Tony Van Veen (Disc Makers). Look for more speakers to be announced shortly. Comedian Margaret Cho will conduct The Artist Movement, featuring superstar artists discussing how they got their break and tips on how to apply what worked for them.

Founders Dave Lory and Tom Silverman are once again on the search to find some of the best up-and-coming artists to give them a jump-start to their career. The New Music Seminar and OurStage are teaming up to offer emerging artists the opportunity of a lifetime! The Artist on the Verge project is a closed competition for nominated artists who have privately been notified. These nominations are from some of the biggest names in the industry such as OurStage, MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation and Tommy Boy Records. Artist on the Verge is designed to expose these talented artists to some of the top media, tech and music industry executives.  Three lucky Rock, Pop, Urban, Singer/Songwriter or Specialty artists will be selected from the NMS Artist on the Verge entries to showcase at the New Music Seminar and be critiqued by a panel of industry executives on July 20, 2010 in NYC. The grand prize winner, from the artists showcased, will walk away with over $40,000 in consultations, promotion, marketing and music equipment!

Judge here on OurStage for your favorite artists and give them a chance to be the grand prize winner and rise above the noise!


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The New Music Seminar announces the final program for the Chicago NMS Symphony. This one-day educational and networking event for Artists, Managers, music labels, and others in the music business,  will reveal the secrets of the emerging new music business; its new paradigm and new opportunities,  as well as tools and examples of how to achieve success in the new era.

The New Music Seminar, which for 15 years was the #1 music conference in the world, will again be the number one place for networking and building business partnerships that will become the foundations of the new music business. The NMS will provide delegates with opportunities to meet with the leaders of the new music business, get the advice, information and tools to do it themselves.

The New Music Seminar has replaced the old panels and moderators approach with a Symphony of ideas in four Movements. Each Movement will have a Conductor and four or more Players. The following is the full listing.

Keynote Address: Michael Spiegelman-Head of Yahoo! Music



Setting your targets to the new definition of winning.  The Story of 1000 true fans. Fan Relationship Management and an introduction to the new science of The Fan Pyramid and how to maximize revenues from your different types of fans.

Conductor:  Tom Silverman-Tommy Boy/NMS


Emily White “ Whitesmith Entertainment

David Hazan “ The Bizmo

Lou Plaia – ReverbNation

Martin Heath “ Lizard King Records, UK

2nd Movement

Expose Yourself! Marketing for the next music business; MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are not enough.

Radio and Video are no longer the gateway to success for most developing artists.  Breakthroughs happen on line, at shows, occasionally at press and college radio and specialty shows. But they happen slowly over a longer period of time.  How do you get enough exposure to escape from the cursed swamp of obscurity?

Conductors:  Paul Resnikoff “ Digital Music News


Brian Calhoun “ Soundexchange and Music Business Toolbox

Dean Raissen “ Raise Up Music and Booker, Viper Room, Los Angeles

Ariel Hyatt “ Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR

Corey Denis – Reapandsow

Greg Estes – Mozes



The creative quartet and how to stand out in songwriting, production, image and the live show.

Conductors: Steve Silk Hurley “ S & S Records



Bad Boy Bill “ Artist

Amy Phillips – Pitchfork

Howard Greynolds “ Overcoat Management, The Swell Season

Plus surprise guests

4th Movement



Dave Lory – Chairman/CEO, Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc.


Martin Atkins “ Author, Tour:Smart & CEO Invisible Records

Tom Windish “ The Windish Agency

David Cooper “ Founder, Foxman/Direct to Fan

Joe Carsello “ Talent Buyer, The Metro

Martin Folkman “ Musician’s Atlas/Independent Music Awards

In between the Movements, delegates will network and visit the NMS Partners in attendance who are supplying complimentary promotional and marketing tools to the delegates and other useful items to assist them with their careers.

The NMS After Party Schmoozathon at Park West begins at 8pm. This private event will include artist performances by the stars of the New Music Business DIY movement.

On Monday night, October 5th, the New Music Seminar will hold their opening night reception where registered delegates can schmooze with the Conductors, Players and other heavyweights attending the Seminar the following day and make new contacts to promote your career.

For more information on The New Music Seminar, you can go to To receive a 10% discount, enter NMSCHICAGO24986 through “Google Checkout” on the registration tab.



The New Music Seminar (NMS) is proclaiming that the old industry is over and the revolution is on. Between advancements in technology and an ailing economy virtually every aspect of the music business has altered in the last five years. But what does that mean for the independent artist?

It’s good news for any artist who has been waiting for that major label record deal to land in their lap. The end all be all used to be getting signed. It was an end goal shared by hundreds and thousands of bands, however a reality for a select few. Advancements in technology has made everything easier for working musicians; making music, booking shows, distributing music, sending press kits, connecting with fans and selling merch have all been enhanced with the advent of the Internet. However, as technology continues to grow and services to “help” indie artists increase it can become overwhelming.

The NMS is taking place on July 3rd in NYC to be the beacon for artists. Tommy Boy Entertainment’s founder Tom Silverman and Worldwide Entertainment Group, Inc’s CEO Dave Lory are taking their combined 60 years of music industry experience and sharing it with 800 lucky attendees. It’s not the traditional format in which the experts talk at you and give insights that are irrelevant for where you are now in your career. Silverman and Lory are leading a revolution to empower artists to take control of their careers by sharing their insights into breaking artists and connecting attendees with current players in the music business.

Panels have been replaced with “movements”. The movements are designed to share knowledge and make connections in an accessible, non-intimidating format. The advice is hands on and is designed to educate working musicians whose talent is primed for the next level. The next level is the new business model’s standard for success- as defined by the ability to sell 10,000 copies of a release and sell out 300 capacity rooms in multiple markets.

Silverman and Lory have designed a “How To” conference that walks artists through an education into the state of the industry in four movements. Topics and “players” include the following:

WELCOME TO THE NEW MUSIC BUSINESS: EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG- Ian Rogers (Top Spin), Mathieu Drouin (Crystal Math Management), Mark Ghunheim (Wiredset), Jeff Price (Tunecore) and Tim Westergren (Pandora).

For a complete list of movements and players go HERE.

To learn more about the NMS and how to register go HERE.


tomsilverman_02Hip Hop pioneer, record producer and Tommy Boy Records’ founder, Tom Silverman has three decades of gold, platinum and multi-platinum records under his belt thanks to his work with such artists as Queen Latifah, De La Soul and House of Pain. But Silverman is more than a celebrated multi-hyphenate. He is also an industry architect who conceived the New Music Seminar; the music conference prototype from which events like SXSW were built. This music mogul is now reading the old music industry its last rites and ushering in the dawn of a new music era. OurStage sat down with Silverman and asked him to share his views on the past, present and future of the business behind the music.

KB: You’ve been a pioneer and producer of influential music since the early 80’s. What was the industry like when you first started out in your career?

TS: A question in relativism. To the neophyte ˜Tom Silverman’ it did not seem as big or daunting as it is today. But ignorance is bliss. I was able to break radical new artists and records with little money and little staff. I was able to get Urban radio play myself.

There wasn’t the Internet or cell phone. Fax machines were new technology. The computers that came first were big and clumsy and did very little. The kilobyte was the measure of the technologist. Music was recorded via analog. Drum machines and synthesizers were analog. We recorded on 2-inch tape and edited on half-inch tape. We pushed the limit of the technology we had from recording, to mastering, to marketing.

Rap was a spin-off of Urban Disco. Many of the early Hip Hop artists had Disco in their names. People forget that Rap was Urban Disco in the early 80’s and it was a statement against the corporate R&B that had ruled for so long.

Motown, Island, Chrysalis, Arista and A&M were independent labels.

KB: What do you think is the most significant change within the industry in the last five years?

TS: Last 5 years “ The democratization of distribution (everyone can get distribution).

Last 10 years “ The democratization of recording (everyone can have a studio).

Last 30 years “ The mobilization of music with the invention of the Boombox”and more importantly the advent of personal music listening with the Walkman (a far more important invention than the iPod).

KB: From the perspective of Tommy Boy Entertainment, what has it been like to release music as an Indie artist amidst all of the changes within industry? How do you think these changes have impacted your major label counterparts?

TS: It sucks for independents. It sucks way more for the majors.

KB: How would you briefly summarize the current state of the industry?

TS: The current record industry is in the hospice on life support.

KB: Do bands get discovered any more? How do talented artists make it these days?

TS: Talented artists are getting stuck in the system now more than ever. Some bands are still getting discovered”but fewer each year”it seems due to the growing conservatism of traditional radio and the growing glut of releases.

KB: What is your advice to musicians trying to navigate the new waters of the music industry?

TB: Throw out the rule book. Differentiate your songs, recordings, image/statement and performance. Work harder on being better. Being a musician requires you to think about photos, videos, blogging and Twitter now. Get a business partner (either label, or manager or bass player) to deal with the flow of your creative to your fans” collecting and managing fans and monetizing your relationship with fans.

Artists interested in hearing more of Tommy Silverman’s insights are encouraged to attend the New Music Seminar in NYC on July 21st. For more information on this not-to-be-missed event, click HERE.