Album Review: Twin Berlin's 'Sleazebrain'

Twin BerlinOurStage winners Twin Berlin‘s latest album may not have been produced by the iconic Travis Barker like their EP There Goes My Virtue was, but that doesn’t keep these New England natives from rocking hard on their brand new debut full-length, Sleazebrain. Starting things off strong with “You’re A Problem,” these self-proclaimed grunge rockers mix the perfect amount of aggression and passion into their music to create that raw and unaffected punk vibe that I love so much, yet find so rarely. And while the band has been teasing fans with clips and teasers of tracks such as the aforementioned opener and “Buzzkill,” I have to admit that my personal favorites lie in the deeper cuts, “Don’t Talk To Me” and “Kill This Low.” Still, the tracks they’ve chosen to lead with are strong, and are a pretty accurate snapshot of the album as a whole.

Grunge as a major influence is not easy to keep fresh two decades after its height, but Twin Berlin pull it off very well. The longer I let the album run the more I appreciated what a grower it is, and the more I wish I was able to immediately head out to one of their live shows. Because if this is the energy I’m getting from a recording, I can’t even imagine what kind of vibe they give off live.

Catch up with Twin Berlin on their Facebook, and be sure to grab a copy of Sleazebrain when it drops Feb. 18. In the meantime, check out a few tracks below to hold you over.



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Twin Berlin Gear Up To Release 'Sleazebrain'

Twin BerlinBack in 2011, OurStage artists Twin Berlin won the opportunity of a lifetime in OurStage and Guitar Center‘s “Your Next Record with Travis Barker” competition. After flying to Los Angeles, being interviewed by MTV, and of course hooking up with Blink-182‘s Barker for an intense recording session at Red Bull Studios, Twin Berlin released their EP, There Goes My Virtue. Since then, we’ve been aching to know what the trio has been up to. As it turns out, they’ve been recording their debut full-length, Sleazebrain,which will be released February 18th. Check out a sneak peek of the album with a stream of “You’re A Problem” below, and check back tomorrow for our full review of Sleazebrain. (more…)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The Co-op Playlist

Everyone knows that the stars of OurStage are the artists. We would be nothing without them! However, there are plenty of unsung heroes working behind the scenes to make sure the wheels keep turning and everything is running smoothly. We are the OurStage Community Team; Co-Op students who work tirelessly answering emails, writing blogs and reviewing the songs entered into competitions. We’ve been working here for the past six months, but now it’s time to move on to new frontiers. Still, the experience we’ve had here has been amazing, and our parting gift to you is a playlist of some great OurStage music that has either flown under the radar, or is just so great that it merits a second listen. So kick back, put on your headphones and check out some of the best we think OurStage has to offer. You can listen to the full playlist right here!

The Well Reds

Cara: I spent the past six months writing Live Wired, and when I wasn’t spending the majority of my free time at venues around Boston, I discovered tons of great music while working at OurStage! My picks for the playlist include finalists The Well Reds from The OurStage Panel, who I was lucky enough to see perform, and tunes from Marie Hines, Talain Rayne and Cooper Brown”these are sure to make you smile. Enjoy!


Twin Berlin Hits The Studio With Travis Barker

Since their win in Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record with Travis Barker” Competition last March, Twin Berlin have been busy. Not only were they flown to LA to record at Red Bull Studios with renowned drummer Travis Barker, but they were also interviewed by MTV, wined and dined by Guitar Center and hooked up with some new swag from The Fast Life, Travis Barker’s clothing line. It’s safe to say their time in LA was a whirlwind adventure! Check out what Matt, Sean and James had to say about their experience.

SUNDAY: “We landed in LA and everything started to really sink in. Picked up the rental car, rolled up to the hotel where we were met with screaming fans trying to bust in the front lobby. OK, that didn’t really happen, but we can pretend, right?”

MONDAY: “Day 2 in Los Angeles kicked off our recording at Red Bull Studios with Travis Barker. Even before we got there the crew was loading in Travis’ drums and getting everything together to start tracking (oh, and James is using Travis’ kit for the recordings!!)”

TUESDAY: “Tuesday started out with more of the same… potty humor, working out the click track/setting the tempo, tracking like a pro. We’ve done some things in studio that I never thought would happen in a million years.”

WEDNESDAY: “When we arrived in studio, it was a madhouse. Travis and crew were already there, Haven was setting up for the EPK interviews and MTV news stopped in to do a brief interview with us and with Trav.” (more…)

Twin Berlin To Record Their Next Record With Travis Barker

Travis Barker is perhaps one of the most, if not the only, universally recognized drummer in today’s musical landscape. In March, we came together with Guitar Center to give one OurStage artist a chance to work with him. Now, after battling their way through thousands of other entrants and pleasing the ears of the judging panel”including Travis Barker himself”Twin Berlin is taking home Guitar Center’s “Your Next Record with Travis Barker” Competition Grand Prize!

The Connecticut-based trio spends their time bridging the gap between New York City and Boston with an aim to take over the local indie scene. Steadfast in their mission to bring back the no frills rock ‘n’ roll good times, the group is turning heads quickly thanks to television appearances and an MTV “Best Breakout Boston” Award nomination. Twin Berlin landed the Grand Prize with their song “Can’t Take, Take, Take“. Be sure to check out their OurStage profile for more info and tunes. 

Congrats to Twin Berlin from everyone at OurStage and Guitar Center! Check back to the OurStage magazine for our interview with Twin Berlin about their experience.