Converge Release New Song And Video

Underground hardcore standard-bearers Converge have a new album coming out on October 9th called All We Love We Leave Behind. This time around the guys have gone with a more “structured” approach to song-writing, according to singer Jake Bannon in a recent interview with Decibel magazine. As you’ll hear in the video below, their new song “Aimless Arrow” has more of a verse/chorus structure, and Bannon’s vocals are less distorted than usual. In fact, the annunciation of his lyrics in this song may well be more distinguishable than any other Converge release to date. The production quality might also be described as a bit “cleaner” than previous releases by the band, who are normally known for being more rough around the edges in terms of honest and gritty sound quality. But don’t let these attributes alarm you. This is still the same heavy-hitting, DIY, true-to-self band that we all know and love. After 12 years of unforgiving brutality, the guys in Converge are still finding new ways to wake people up and expose all of the ugly and beautiful truths of the world. There seems to be no sign of stopping for these masters of thrash.

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The Second Coming of Ben Folds Five

Let’s face it, sometimes the past should stay dead. But when an awesome artist fades from popularity, their fans later wonder, Where are they now?  You may not know it, but many artists you’ve loved in the past are still hard at work writing new albums or preparing to tour once more. Fortunately, you now have Second Coming to reintroduce some of your favorite acts of the last few decades and give you the scoop on what you can expect from them in the future.

THEN: As we know, the early 90’s saw an alt rock explosion. Singer-songwriter Ben Folds jumped into the fray with a band of his own, Ben Folds Five. An indication of Folds’ off-kilter humor, the band was actually a trio (an in-joke unsurprising to anyone who knew that Folds’ first band, Majosha, released an EP called Five Songs About Jesus, which included four secular tunes). The band’s self-titled debut LP garnered them a significant amount of buzz upon its release in 1995, but it was their sophomore effort, Whatever and Ever Amen, that spawned the hit “Brick.” Though they went on to record a third record (and most of a fourth), but decided to “amicably” split up in 2000. Folds, of course, went on to rock the suburbs with a successful solo career, but it seemed as though the world had seen the last of the Five.

NOW: In 2011, Ben Folds Five reunited once more to record three tracks for Folds’ compilation album, The Best Imitation of Myself: A Retrospective. A few months later, Folds announced via Twitter that they would be writing and recording a brand new album: “It’s happening fo sho – Day 1 in studio with Robert and Darren through March #NewBenFoldsFiveRecord.” Looking ahead to the rest of 2012, BFF are slated to headline New York’s Mountain Jam, as well as perform a set at the legendary Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. The new record’s title and release date are still TBA, but we’re excited to hear what they sound like thirteen years after their last album.

Who could forget the wild video for “Underground?”