Juanes Fans! Enter Now To Perform With Juanes On MTV Unplugged

When it comes to Latin rock stars, Juanes is pretty much as big as they come. And when it comes to capturing  legendary live performances on television, MTV’s twenty-year-old series Unplugged is unrivaled. Combine these two forces and you get Tr3s Presents: MTV Unplugged With Juanes. Even better, you could perform with Juanes himself during the taping of the show!

If you’re a legal resident of the United States or Puerto Rico, all you have to do is submit a videotaped performance of one of the following Juanes hit songs into the Tr3s “Unplug With Juanes” Competition by January 9, 2012: “A Dios le Pido,” “Me Enamora,” “Fotografí­a” or “La Soledad.” This one’s not just for the pros, folks“anyone can enter“so get on it!

Artistas Latinoamericanos pueden competir en MTV DEMO haciendo click aquí­


Announcing The Winners Of The Subway Fresh Artists Regional Competition!

Back in September we launched the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTSâ„¢” Competition, offering artists across the US a chance to compete for $1000 cash, promotion through Clear Channel, OurStage.com and the Subway Fresh Artistsâ„¢ platform and SUBWAY® restaurants gift cards. The competition was divided into ten regional channels across the United States with one winner chosen from each region by Clear Channel Radio Program Directors, ten winners in all, and the results are now in. The Top 50 artists from each of the regional channels earned themselves a spot in the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTSâ„¢” National Finals Competition, and are currently competing for a chance to open for GRAMMY award-winning band the Goo Goo Dolls. Check out the regional winners and their music below, and be sure to head to the SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTSâ„¢ National Finals Competition to help decide which lucky up-and-comer will open for the Goo Goo Dolls!

Region 1 Winner
View Profile | Listen to Darlingside | See All Entrants
Region 2 Winner
Devlin Miles
View Profile | Listen to Devlin Miles | See All Entrants
Region 3 Winner
Derren Raser
View Profile | Listen to Derren Raser | See All Entrants
Region 4 Winner
Cedar Avenue
View Profile | Listen to Cedar Avenue | See All Entrants
Region 5 Winner
Crash Coordinates
View Profile | Listen to Crash Coordinates | See All Entrants
Region 6 Winner
Again and Again
View Profile | Listen to Again and Again | See All Entrants
Region 7 Winner
August Rising
View Profile | Listen to August Rising | See All Entrants
Region 8 Winner
Snow Like It’s April
View Profile | Listen to Snow Like It’s April | See All Entrants
Region 9 Winner
View Profile | Listen to hellokelly | See All Entrants
Region 10 Winner
Runaway City
View Profile | Listen to Runaway City | See All Entrants

Help Undiscovered Talent Get Featured On MTV

MTV is bringing the hit British teen television drama SKINS across the Atlantic to TV viewers in the United States. Along with a new cast, the show will be featuring music from artists on OurStage! The MTV “SKINS THEME SONG COMPETITION” is giving artists nationwide the chance to have their original music featured as the theme song for the show, and needs fans like YOU to help the best artists make it to the top. By judging in the MTV “SKINS THEME SONG COMPETITION,” you can help one lucky artist get their music broadcast to millions of TV viewers nationwide. Head to the MTV “SKINS THEME SONG COMPETITION” Channel now and weigh in on who you think deserves a spot at the top. Click here for official rules and competition information.

Lilith Winners To Be Featured On National Television Show Strictly Global

Strictly Global is a TV broadcast committed to breaking new trends and alternative lifestyles, especially in the way of music.  To kick off their season premiere, the fine folks at Strictly Global put together an episode dedicated to Lilith 2010.  Best of all, the episode will feature a number of artists who were chosen by the OurStage community to open select Lilith dates across the country. Legendary musician and festival founder Sarah McLachlan and Lilith co-founder / Nettwerk label owner Terry McBride will grace the screen, as will OurStage CEO, Ben Campbell.

The Strictly Global Lilith 2010 episode will air on over 30 million TV screens across the United States, and will bring viewers fantastic interviews and music videos from emerging talent. Click here to learn more about the featured artists. To listen to some tracks from each of the winners, check out the playlists below. Be sure to tune in tonight, September 17th at 10PM EST to catch the Strictly Global Lilith 2010  episode on your local channel.

Strictly Global Episode: Lilith 2010

Lilith 2010 Winners

Open For The Goo Goo Dolls By Competing In The Subway Fresh Artist Competition!

Want to win a chance to open for the Goo Goo Dolls? If so, September might just turn out to be your lucky month. SUBWAY® has joined forces with iheartradio to offer artists across America a shot at opening for GRAMMY award-winning band The Goo Goo Dolls.  The “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTSâ„¢” competition powered by OurStage, will be running in 10 regions across the United States. One winner, to be chosen from the Top 10 artists in each of these regions, as determined by a panel of radio programming executives, will have the chance to win $1000 cash and up to $500 worth of SUBWAY® gift cards. The Top 50 artists in each of these regions will be entered into an October competition to compete for the chance to open for the Goo Goo Dolls. If you want a shot at some of these awesome prizes, be sure to enter your best material into the regional channel nearest you by September 22nd. Check out more information and official rules for the “SUBWAY FRESH ARTISTSâ„¢” competition  here.