SoundTrax: Pounding Pavement

The hard-hitting wompage of American style EDM has become the life force of the growing genre, so instead of trying to work against it (even though we really want to) we’ve decided to highlight some of the artists who we think are using this new sonic field in an interesting way. The¬†genre, best described as electro house or complextro,¬†takes the grit and grime from American dubstep but drops the half-time rhythm in favor of the uptempo house style of four-on-the-floor. What it creates is a driving, pulsing, rhythmic genre with more than enough ear candy to hold the attention span of any frat boy. In typical SoundTrax fashion, this playlist is versatile and could hold up equally as well on a dance floor as it could in a mosh pit. But we think its best suited for running on the open pavement. Not cramped in some dark, sweaty room on a treadmill, but outside on a bright, crisp day. So pick your favorite trail, download the 8tracks app to your phone, plug in your headphones, tie your laces and hit the road.

SoundTrax: Pounding Pavement from OurStage on 8tracks.