Deadmau5 Debuts Twitter Collaboration "The Veldt"

Inspiration can come from anywhere and, in the case of “The Veldt,” it was Ray Bradbury’s short story of the same title that inspired Joel Zimmerman’s latest creation. But, in a unique case of social media inspiring art, Deadmau5 found the vocalist for his newest track thanks to Twitter, uStream, and a bold move by an up-and-coming musician.

Last month, while broadcasting his production process (on uStream) during early instrumental sessions of “The Veldt,” Deadmau5 received a link (via Twitter) from Chris James to a vocal take the singer recorded, after reading the same short story. On the urging of his followers, Deadmau5 gave the track a listen, and before the night was over the two artists were on the phone discussing their plans to release the new collaboration. This weekend, Deadmau5 released the first official preview to the vocal edit, which should hold over Mau5heads until the release on June 25th.

The quick exchange on Twitter, and the phone call that followed, were captured in the 11 minute recording of the uStream broadcast, which you can check out after the break.