Soul Searching: Jonas

While searching for soul, it was hard not to have Jonas and his band pop up on our radar. We’ve featured Jonas briefly in a blog last February, and it’s about time he gets another shout out. His soulful voice meets jazzy chords, and tight vocal harmonies perfectly. You’ll really start grooving when you hear the strings come in on the track below! He brings in that old school feel and has been known to compose his music in a typical impromptu Motown fashion.

Jonas resides in the UK and has assembled a band full of talent. Each member brings their own style and expertise to the recording. Because they arrange a lot of their music on the spot in the studio, it takes high caliber musicians to create the kind of music that’s created on this record. Jonas and his band has toured the USA, the UK as well as Africa. His most recent album WAITT was based on the concept of We Are In This Together¬Ě. The band’s cohesiveness clearly follows this concept. Take a listen bellow and let us know what you think. As always, send in your recommendations for R&B and Soul artists to feature in the upcoming weeks!