Press Shuffle: Streggae Tunes

Today, friends, we’re going to a place where pristine white sands meet deep sapphire waters. Palms fringe the beach, and a lazy breeze rolls in from the sea. Longtime playground of the rich and famous, the Caribbean holds many hidden treasures. What we have come for, though, isn’t hidden; it’s everywhere.

We’ve all heard of the greats, the artists who transcended the borders of their countries. As the the most internationally famous and influential Jamaican musician, Bob Marley (whose son dropped by and answered a few questions a couple days ago) popularized reggae in the United Kingdom and then the world. The riddim has been adapted all over the globe, and here at OurStage we have gathered a premier sampling of the fruits of this dissemination.

Souljah Fyah

Peace of Mind” ” Zebulun: Orange, NJ, USA. If peace of mind is hard for you to find, then music is what you’re missing.

No Monkey” ” Wally Warning: München, Germany. This extremely danceable song will turn any frown upside down. If upbeat music is your thing, then you’ll appreciate the joy this will bring.

Tears Of A Fool” ” Souljah Fyah: Edmonton, Canada. Not often do you hear a reggae song of heartbreak, much less one that is this strikingly mood-appropriate. An excellent vocal performance makes this song stand out from the crowd.

Ragga” ” Mamma Reggae: General San Martí­n, Argentina. Reggae is the music of the people. These Argentine reggae-rockers bring the vibe from a selfless heart, conveying a message of peer appreciation and positive social revolution.

Jah Justo” ” Levitas Reggae: Brasí­lia, Brazil. Roots reggae at its purest: blessings to hard-working men, simple and effective instrumentation and a catchy rocker beat. What else could you ask for?

I’m Coming Up” ” Sheldon Senior: Manchester, Jamaica. Representing the motherland, Sheldon Senior comes at us with a great song. With great production quality and lush sound, we’re taken to the feel-good place we want to be in a heartbeat.

Take Three” ” Uzo Nzeka: Noisy-le-Sec, France. This seasoned musician closes our playlist with a spacey, laid back tune. Your mood should be a reflection of this vibe.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a particular theme to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!