Wanderlust Audio: An Introduction

OSBlog02_WANDERLUST_Master01If time has taught us anything about the phenomenon of pop music, it is that its success cannot be predicted. Of course, professionals can package all the replicated chord progressions, carefully-formulated hooks they want, but the most exceptional and memorable music always derives from one common trait: unprecedented artistic innovation. The Beatles did it with their peaceful message during a time of war, Led Zeppelin did it through musically virtuosic yet accessible rock, Michael Jackson did it through infectious beats and unforgettable dance moves and Kurt Cobain did it by resisting the presumed objective of success with all his might. But as the years have passed, artists like these have been replaced, at least on the charts, by flashy hit-and-run artists whose one hit wonders (with some exception) vanish into obscurity before they have the chance to become a household name. Why this occurrence takes places is an entirely different animal and is inextricably connected to other aspects of the American music industry. This question is, is it the same in other parts of the world? (more…)