The Flaming Lips Stream '2nd Cassette Demo' From 1983

the-Flaming-LipsLast week we brought you the news that Wayne Coyne would be embarking on a short Record Store Tour and promoting The Flaming Lips‘ early recordings, some of which would be handed off to record stores to sell in a life-sized handmade chocolate skulls. That was pretty cool, but this week, a 1983 recording of 2nd Cassette Demo was released”and we think that’s pretty awesome too.  Available on limited edition 7″ blue vinyl, it consists of four tracks, which have been remastered by drummer Kliph Scurlock, and freshened up with some new artwork by Coyne’s brother, Dennis.

A press release states that the demo captures the group in a transition from its primitive shambolic drug-damaged punk-pop to the primitive shambolic drug-damaged hallucinogenic cosmic brother death rock heard on the [The Flaming Lips1st EP. Check out the demo and track listing below. (more…)

Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips) To Sell Chocolate Skull EPs

the-Flaming-LipsAn EP made of chocolate, you say? Well, not quite. The Flaming LipsWayne Coyne has just embarked on his Record Store Tour, hitting Nashville, Louisville, Chicago, and St. Louis, before wrapping things up in Lawrence, KS. Though a short tour, Coyne will be promoting the reissue of The Flaming Lips’ early recordings, The Flaming Lips 1st EP on 12″ green vinyl and The Flaming Lips 2nd Cassette Demo on 7″ blue vinyl. Each will be limited to 2,000 copies, and will officially go on sale Dec. 24.

So where does the chocolate come in? Coyne will be giving record stores a limited version of the EP which will sit in a life-sized, handmade chocolate skull. If that isn’t enough for you, the package will also include a golden coin, which permits access to any headlining Flaming Lips show….in the world. Check out Coyne’s Record Store Tour dates, along with The Flaming Lips’ upcoming dates below. (more…)

Flaming Lips Reveal New Album, Upcoming Super Bowl Spot

There’s never a dull moment for The Flaming Lips. Whether they’re filming NSFW videos with Amanda Palmer, beating Jay-Z’s record for most live concerts played in 24 hours, releasing music inside of gummy skulls, or rolling around in giant plastic balls at their live shows, Wayne Coyne and company are always on the lookout for their next thrill. So of course, the announcement of the April 2 release of their album The Terror wasn’t complete without an additional surprise out of left field; this Super Bowl Sunday, they will be performing a new song, “Sun Blows Up Today,” in a Hyundai commercial during the big game. The 60-second spot, an advertisement for the Hyundai Santa Fe, will feature the band hanging out on a suburban rooftop playing the new tune, which will be available for 100,000 free downloads from the Hyundai website and as a bonus track on the digital album.

According to Coyne, the “great, very strange, beautiful, emotional record” was written between sessions for the band’s previous 2012 release The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends. You can find the official track list for The Terror, as well as a still from the upcoming commercial, below the jump.


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The Grody And Glorious Crash Pads Of Rock Stars

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous/ they’re always complaining, always complaining/ If money is such a problem/ well they got mansions/ think we should rob them.” – Joel Madden, singer, poet.

Oh Good Charlotte, wise beyond their years. What other band could so brilliantly lampoon the extravagance of popular music stars, satirizing it while subtly nodding to the allure of money, at once deriding lust for material things and acknowledging the avarice in all men.


A true poet.

One can wax poetic on the evils of money until the cows come home. It’s the root of all evil, greed is a deadly sin, it can’t buy you happiness, blah blah blah. Alright sure, money can’t buy you happiness, but you know what it can buy you? A bitchin’ new house! Hey, knock money all you want, but if you get a little bit of green then you can finance yourself a sweet little pad. That must be the thought-process behind the housing decisions that rock stars make. And who can blame them? You’re young (or young-at-heart), successful with a regular infusion of cash and you probably fancy yourself the creative type. Why not have a sweet house that reflects all that about you and more? Let’s take a look at some sweet rock star domiciles.

Eric Clapton

We can’t profile all of the famous rock guitarist’s homes, but one of them stands out not only for it’s opulence but also for it’s relative availability for the (fabulously wealthy) average Joe looking to rent a tropical getaway. Standfast Point in Antigua is less a house or mansion and more of a compound: a 14,000 square foot four building complex sitting atop seaside cliffs looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. With space for your family in the main house, separate accommodations for your guests, onsite staff and two pools on the property, the property truly does have it all”and it can be yours for the going rate of $50,000 a week. But can you really put a price on living in the lap of luxury in a house that could easily pass for a Bond villain hideout? You can learn more about the villa here.

Fat Mike (NOFX)

Frontman of long-running punk band NOFX Fat Mike wears many hats. As a performer in his group, he sings and plays bass. Day to day, he helps run Fat Wreck Chords, the seminal punk label that he founded along with his wife in 1990. And now Mike can add real estate mogul to his lengthy resume. Fat Mike has begun to rent out a house in Las Vegas known as the Vegas Punk House and Paltry Museum. Now, you probably won’t see Fat Mike there, but his influence is all over the place. The living room is plastered with posters from classic punk shows of yore and the house features a number of amenities that will please the man-child in all of us. In addition to a salt water pool, the backyard also features a nine-hole mini golf course and a water slide. And you bring all your friends since the Punk House has bed space for ten people and is only four miles removed from the Vegas Strip. You can take a tour of the place with Fat Mike himself in the clip below.

Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)

Coyne, weirdo shaman frontman of psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips, needs a pad worthy of his outsized gonzo persona. And he does”his house is so weird it’s even something of a celebrity in it’s own right. “Wayne Coyne house” is the third hit that comes up when you begin to search for the rock star online. The most notable story about the humble abode is when the Internet freaked out after spotting Coyne’s house in Google Maps street view. How could they tell it was Coyne’s house, you might ask. Well, let’s take a look at the evidence.

Yep, that's Wayne Coyne in a bathtub on his front yard in Google Street View. It's art, people.

So, we’ve seen the outside of his house, but what about the inside? Well, it’s a home worthy of Coyne’s grand weirdness and it’s pretty damn cool. Coyne and his wife worked closely in collaboration with Oklahoma City-based architecture firm Fitzsimmons Architects in order to transform the suburban home into something very unique. Also notable is the location Coyne chose for his home; in the middle of the same neighborhood that he grew up in. Coyne wanted to show his support for the community by placing his new home there. What a class act!