Warped Tour Announces Vanna, Parkway Drive, And More

Warped Tour 2014The Warped Tour announcements have dwindled to just four this week, but that doesn’t make them any less exciting. Premiering on last night’s episode of Warped Roadies on FuseTV, the latest four bands to be added are Vanna, Parkway Drive, TheCityShakeUp, and We The Kings. They’ll join the likes of previously announced acts Enter Shikari, Saves The Day, State Champs, and many more. Check out the full lineup to date below.  (more…)

We The Kings Release "Any Other Way" Lyric Video

Pop rock favorites We The Kings have released a lyric video for their new single, “Any Other Way.”

Finding balance between ballad and radio-ready anthem, “Any Other Way” is a love song laced in the kind of confectionary pop goodness only We The Kings can create. If there were ever a band meant for summertime, WTK have proven its them with this release. You can stream “Any Other Way” at the end of this post.

“Any Other Way” hit iTunes this week shortly after the video debuted on YouTube. If you’d like to purchase a copy of this single, click here and support future WTK music! (more…)

We The Kings Survive 'The Hangover'-esque Kidnapping Attempt

If We The Kings weren’t rockstars before, they certainly are now.

During an interview with online talk show The Gunz Show, frontman Travis Clark recounted a tale of drugs, cultural exchange, and attempted kidnappings. Clark and the group had been touring through southern Asia and were playing a show in Malaysia. They had a driver and a van scheduled to take them to and from the venue for their show. After getting into a generic looking van that just said “We The Kings” on the side (travel mistake number one: just because a generic van has your band’s name on it doesn’t mean that you should get into it), the band was rushed to the venue relatively unscathed. It was only after the show that the real fun began.


He was driving 60mph over the speed limit. He pulled down the wrong offramp because he didn’t know where he was going, and instead of doing what a normal person would do and just trying to turn around, he started reversing on the onramp. People were swerving to avoid him. And he was trying to cover for himself like, Don’t worry about it man, this is normal driving over here, and anyway, I’ve been up for five days. I haven’t been able to sleep. And it was like, What, dude? You haven’t slept in five days? What’s wrong with you? And he was like, I don’t know man, there are some crazy drugs in the world.


Exclusive Q and A: Mayday Parade Hit The Road

OurStage Exclusive InterviewsThe idea of being on tour for the majority of the year with barely any breaks might sound closer to a nightmare than a dream, but road warriors Mayday Parade are all about staying busy and bringing their energetic live show to audiences far and wide. The Tallahassee rock outfit have been a staple in the modern rock scene since their inception in 2005 and are responsible for scene favorites like “Jamie All Over” “Three Cheers for Five Years” and “Miserable at Best.” Their most recent album is self titled, a choice reflective of how the band took the reins and made the most autonomous release of their career.

OurStage caught up with frontman Derek Sanders at the dawn of 2012, a year which is filled with months of Mayday Parade tour dates. Read on to find out how he feels about non-stop touring, why he loves the Vans Warped Tour and why Mayday Parade is his favorite record to date.

OS: You’re currently out on a co-headlining US tour with We The Kings. Are you satisfied with how the first few shows have gone?

DS: Yeah, overly satisfied! It’s been great. All three of the shows so far have sold out and just been so much fun. We had a day off yesterday, but the day before that was Nashville, [we played at the venue] Rocketown there. Really good times. It’s good to be back on the road again and good to be out with all of these bands. It’s a great tour.

OS: After these dates in the US, you’ll be heading over to the UK, where a lot of your shows are already sold out. Do you think that the shows overseas have a different feel than in the states?

DS: Yeah, in certain ways, they do, but it’s really cool. In some ways, at least in our experience, the crowds have almost been a little better in the UK. Even if they don’t know your band or they don’t know the words, they’ll still have a good time and jump around and get into it, whereas you don’t really see that as often over here. If people don’t know the band, they just kind of stand there and watch. But obviously, the crowds here are amazing and the crowds over there are amazing as well, just small differences, I guess!


Get Warped: The Fan Experience

It’s the day after the Mansfield date of the Vans Warped Tour and we’re still recovering. Yesterday, thousands of punk rockers, young skaters and teenagers flooded the gates at 11:00 AM sharp only to find themselves trudging out covered in dirt and sweat 10 hours later, all with excitement still on their faces.

After catching the end of Dillinger Escape Plan’s in-your-face set, a circle pit formed when Bring Me The Horizon came onstage. Set times are determined at the beginning of the day, and in this case it was surprising to find that many of the heavier, metal-based bands were scheduled early on”a bit of an unforgiving fact if you want to conserve your energy beyond these high energy, pit-oriented bands. But the fans, ourselves included, pushed forward with a smile on their faces. Later in the day, the main stage hosted acts like the pop-rock driven We The Kings and The All-American Rejects and Warped Tour veterans Alkaline Trio, The Bouncing Souls and Andrew W.K.

From a crowd perspective, the most interesting aspect of the tour this year was the diversity of the stages. From the huge crowds at the main Teggart Stage, to the mid-sized Skullcandy Stage, all the way to the undiscovered bands of the Ernie Ball Stage, we caught at least a few songs of every set that morning. The real kicker was that we were impressed by every band we saw. Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman seems to always be on the cutting edge of what music will really be popular that summer. He hand selects bands that will fit well on some of the smaller stages. He even had his own Kevin Says Stage this year to give the bands that he recommends a place to shine.

Of course, finding our way through crowds of music-hungry concert-goers, past merch-laden booths and around the vendors handing out random freebies, we arrived the indoor stages: the Glamour Kills Stage and the AP/Advent Stage. This space hosted some of the more subdued (The Cab, Sum 41, etc), but still attracted a slew of people to cram into the tiny area. Hundreds of people were even standing on seats around the perimeter that is normally the main stage at the Comcast Center.

It was at this point that the true community vibe at the tour became apparent. No one is concerned with how they look or how dirty they are. Every one is on this loud, crazy ride together. Clinging to bottles of water to keep themselves cool and making new friends. Warped Tour is truly a summer camp, and most of the bands we spoke with agreed. Stay tuned for the bands’ thoughts on this experience.

From the small stages, to the big ones, the “no-name” bands’ booths to the crowded headliners’ booths and meet-and-greet sessions, this years experience truly lived up to what we’ve come to expect from this “punk rock” environment. While today, fans are still nursing soar legs, painful sunburns and ringing ears, they undoubtedly couldn’t be happier to have walked away having once again participated in the summer’s loudest, fastest traveling rock festival. Here are some of the dates still to come:

7/17: Uniondale, NY, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

7/18: Oceanport, NJ, Monmouth Park Racetrack

7/20: Columbia, MD, Merriweather Post Pavilion

7/21: Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

7/22: Charlotte, NC, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

7/23: St. Petersburg, FL, Vinoy Park

7/24: Miami, FL, Cruzan Amphitheatre

7/25: Orlando, FL, Central Florida Fairgrounds

iRock: Orange Avenue

There was a time when the rock genre adopted synthesized instruments, such as the infamous Moog synthesizer, and birthed a new genre child. Like all kids, the genre grows up  and begins to hang out with many different people thus creating new sounds for everyone to enjoy and love. Bands like Motion City Soundtrack, Ludo, The Get Up Kids, Reggie And The Full Effect, Thunderbirds Are Now! and HelloGoodbye crawled out of the woodwork, utilizing the synth sound in their own unique way. Today, solid synthesized rock genre is all grown up and making a comeback with a fresher look and new attitude after many years of tweaking.