Live Wired [Review]: The Weepies (Acoustic)

Last Thursday, the stage at the Wilbur Theater was set up with props and decorations, almost as if the audience was there to see a play. Instead, the scene was the backdrop for an acoustic evening with popular folk duo, The Weepies. Embarking on their second tour since taking a three year hiatus, Deb Talan and Steve Tannen took the stage with their acoustic guitars and sat down in two wooden chairs positioned front and center. Various instruments surrounded them, which they would take turns playing throughout the night. Behind them was a curtain with twinkling lights, a simple moon and some stars dangling from the ceiling and a whimsical- looking tree. It was basic enough not to distract from the performance, while also showing off the simple yet magical sound of The Weepies.

Talan and Tannen weaved together songs from each of their four studio albums into a wonderful setlist, playing for almost two hours. The first part of their set featured songs like “Nobody Knows Me At All” and “I Was Made For Sunny Days”, where Deb was primarily responsible for the vocals, with Steve providing wonderful harmonies. The two of them, who are now married with two children, are also a perfect pairing musically. They joked and shared with the audience that when writing new songs, they often fight over who will get to sing them. Instead of going back and forth within one song, they usually feature either Deb or Steve, with the other providing backup vocals. (more…)