Folkin' Around: Antje Duvekot

If you liked our folk artist pick Meg Hutchinson a few weeks ago, you’ll be excited to hear that our choice this week is Antje Duvekot. These two artists have unique careers and sounds, and they share a few things in common. Both are a strong songwriting presence in the greater Boston area (winning several individual songwriting contests/mentions). They are also prominent members of the Boston-based, songwriting all-star cast that makes up Winterbloom.

Duvekot’s music merges the folk and country aesthetic with indie and singer/songwriter vocals and lyrics. In fact, all the angst, poetry and longing in Duvekot’s lyrics easily accent the lofty melodies with which she sings them. When are you going to come for me, Lord? is the opening line of the chorus in her song Pearls. Juxtaposed with the somewhat dark lyrics that riddle the verses, this line is sung with an appropriately memorable tune. The request sung so many times in the song, seems to be answered by the end with catchy, satisfying progressions and smooth, natural accompaniment. Check it out:

With several songwriting and folk awards (including regional artist awards and the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest) under her belt, Duvekot obviously has a talent for writing and the performance chops to go with it. And thanks to frequent performances on the festival circuit, domestically at the Mountain Stage festival and abroad at The Celtic Connections Festival in Scotland and the Tonder Festival in Denmark,  she’s shared the stage with acts like Patti Griffin, Lyle Lovett and the Indigo girls. Her song Merry Go Round was even featured on a 2008 Bank of America commercial which aired during the Super Bowl. Take a listen and get your dose of tasteful arrangements and thoughtful lyrics.

The Winter of Our Content


Supergroups can go both ways”the members’ star power can collide and spectacularly self implode with one hit, a la Velvet Revolver and Audioslave. Or they can integrate more gracefully and enjoy a longer ride, like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Winterbloom is almost certainly destined for lasting adoration. The side project of five, renowned Boston-based singer-songwriters already selling-out shows on their own”the group coalesced after what was supposed to be a one-off performance together at a Cambridge club. Listen to just one of their songs and you’ll understand why the audience fell hard that night. Start with The Alchemist, a full collaboration between member songwriters Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson, Rose Polenzani and Natalia Zukerman. Sparse and lovely, the tune familiarizes the audience with each voice in turn”every ridge and notch, every barb and lilt. Apart, their timbres are completely unique, but together they melt into sailing harmonies that bring on the chills. Rexroth’s Daughter is alt-country perfection, a quixotic and dusty union of lap steel and burnished croons. For Tumbalalaika (The Riddle) Winterbloom trades Americana for a Slavic folk song”haunting and dark. There’s an enormous amount of talent at this table so you’ll want to sit with these songs a good while.

Lilith Local Talent Search Winners Announced For Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.!

As the West Coast winners tune up and prep their set lists for the massive crowds expected at their respective Lilith 2010 tour stops, another set of winners in the Lilith Local Talent Search Competition is ready to be revealed.  With each announcement, the anticipation for this ground-breaking tour becomes greater and greater.  There may be no hope for me, but at least now the artists in Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. can breathe a little easier!

Lilith Winners
Boston Cleveland Detroit Hartford
Winterbloom Kate Tucker Jetty Rae For the Love of Sloane
New York Philadelphia Washington D.C.
Rosi Golan Joy Ike Corrin Campbell
Due to a touring conflict, Rosi Golan will no longer be performing at Lilith in New York. Danielia Cotton will be taking the stage on July 31.