Pity Party


We Three Kings: Geographer

Dancing to a somber song can be a strange sensation, but one that’s oddly cathartic. San Francisco’s Geographer offers unlikely material for hipster dance parties in the form of triumphant indie rock drenched in reverb, electronics and introspection. West Coast by way of Jersey, the trio is comprised of singer/guitarist/keyboardist/bassist Mike Deni, bassist, cellist Nathan Blaz and drummer Brian Ostreicher. It’s Deni’s lyrical content ” broken promises, emotional dissonance and all the trappings of human relationships ” that gives what would otherwise be effervescent melodies a sobering counterpoint.

In Each Other’s Ghosts, a rock steady beat is brightened by keys and the urgent whinny of guitars, while the low rumble of cello provides the only hint of unrest. Rushing In, Rushing Out also begins with a cheerful Casio keyboard sequence, anchored by the cello and Deni’s deep and languorous singing style. Like the instrumental echo of Deni’s heavy heart, the cello brings a little ache to the upbeat electro-rock arrangements, gently reminding that sometimes even the happiest melodies can come from sad experiences.