Who's the best OurStage Hip-Hop lyricist?

April has potential to be the month that Hip-Hop finally reigns supreme at OurStage. We always see great artists in the Hip-Hop top 10, but they rarely make it to the grand prize. Now, with Bow Wow as our host, we expect to see some major activity and an even higher quality of entries in the Hip-Hop channel.

Scroll through the OurStage Hip-Hop archives and you’ll find tracks with infectious beats and great effects, but it is harder to find those mind-twisting lyrics and lip-numbing raps. The Hip-Hop industry as a whole has put so much emphasis on club mixes and heart-pounding beats that few tracks can survive on their raps alone. We found several brave rappers in our charts and want to see more that will impress our celebrity host.

Get an earful of what OurStage rappers have to offer and upload to the Hip-Hop channel hosted by Bow Wow if you think you have what it takes to compete. No matter how good we think our rappers are, we are hard pressed to find anything as impressive as these 16 bars from Dizzee Rascal. Find more freestyling at AOL Music and keep judging in OurStage Hip-Hop to find the next best lyricist.