Press Shuffle: Music To Club To

Electronic dance music generally tends to be written off as a genre where the “heard one, heard them all” rule applies. As is the case with most generalizations, this sentiment is untrue”especially here in OurStage. The melodies, hooks, cultural influences, rhythmic interplays and production characteristics of each song are so unique and varied that everyone (literally, everyone) can find a style of electronic dance music which they like. We’ve gathered samples from the most prominent regions in our Electronica and Dance y Electrónica Channels and highlighted a select number of tracks that you would be nothing short of a fool to ignore. So light up your strobes and prep your subs; we’re gonna have a good time.


Yuliya Strizhkina

I Will Be” – Yuliya Strizhkina feat. Eximinds Project: If we were to review this song in a single sentence taken from her bio it would be this: “Yuliya Strizhkina was born in Russia.” And I think we just did. Listen to the song and you’ll know what we mean.

Voices” – M. Visions and CtaSOK: Even though this crossover house duo isn’t European, their music has the Euro blend to it that is just unmistakable. The traditional four-on-the-floor and spacey female vocals are all there, but the orchestrated synth sounds and the processing effects give it an American club-style edge to it that you’ll enjoy.

Te Quema El Sol” – Carlo Secreto: Latino swagger just oozes from this tropical jam. The energy and sensuousness of Caribbean music is unrivaled, so it isn’t surprising that this type of music is popular the world over.

Ella Es” – Kings of Flow: This track has an interesting mix”a faster-paced reggaeton feel with ’90s electronic pop rhythm lines and vocal melodies. “Ella Es” brings a notoriously outdated sound and breathes new life into it with Latin flow.

Dos XX (Dos Equis)” – Circuit Assassins: If LMFAO and Skrillex collaborated to do a hit club song, it would sound something like this. These guys don’t mind making their influences obvious, and it’s better that way. There’s some clear similarities to what their idols do, but Circuit Assassins keep it fresh and original.

Rat99” – CMG: Dirty, fizzy bass lines and extreme compression that makes the track pulsate with the beat are the trademarks of a good track to drop in the most energetic point of your club night. A must-have in any of your party playlists.

Road 2 Nowhere” – The Polymuse: Popularized in the United States by acts such as Rí¶yksopp and The Knife, this style of female vocal-oriented upbeat electropop has found an ever-expanding market in the club scene.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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