Live Wired [Review]: Ra Ra Riot 10/20

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During the first weeks of Live Wired, we talked all about Guster and Jack’s Mannequin when they toured together over the summer. The opening band on that tour, Ra Ra Riot, are now on their own headlining journey and we got to catch their fantastic performance! The six-piece indie rock band from Syracuse, NY took the stage last week at Paradise Rock Club, ready to create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere with their music and stage presence. Seeing this band perform in a smaller and more intimate venue, as opposed to an amphitheater, was a real treat since the space allowed the crowd to really see what the band’s about and witness the range of their talents.

To get things started, the band played “Massachusetts” from their album The Orchard, which the crowd loved since, well…we were in Massachusetts.  One of the best things about Ra Ra Riot has to do with the instruments they use. Not only do they utilize instruments that are not found in your everyday rock band, but most of the members can play more than one. Throughout the night, the six members were constantly picking up new instruments and switching around according to each song. Three different members took the job of lead vocals during the performance, which was pretty incredible. They were all over the place, but in a cohesive and beautiful way. Somehow the show was full of positive energy but relaxed at the same time. So it’s no surprise that the audience’s enthusiasm never wavered and only increased throughout the night.

Highlights of the night included “Boy”, “Too Dramatic” and “Can You Tell”. “Boy” was one of the last songs they played and not only is it extremely catchy, but it also shows off vocalist Wes Miles’ fantastic voice. During the song, a fan jumped on stage and the band let  him sing with them for a while, which got the crowd laughing. “Too Dramatic” has an infectious beat that had the entire crowd dancing the whole time. It was also a nice showcase for the string instruments that are so prominent in their songs. The two female members of the band play the violin and cello (among other instruments) and they provide a truly unique sound, as well as add lots of energy on stage. Lastly, “Can You Tell” translated wonderfully live and everyone sang along to the sweet lyrics.

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