Press Shuffle: The Not-Quite-Halloween Edition

Ghouls, ghosts and gore: With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d provide you with the right music to get you pumped for the weekend. As always, we aren’t taking the conventional route here in Press Shuffle. Rather than going for the gratuitous metal Halloween playlist (although you should expect a heavy dose of headbangin’ evil from next week’s Metal Monday post), we’re taking a lighter route. With Halloween, we convert that which scares us at any other time of the year into a great celebratory mocking, complete with delicious candy and humorous charades. So why not reflect this with your music? Sure, our playlist focuses on the lighter side of the festivities, but if you look into the songs, the Halloween spirit is right there.


Pachelbel’s Panic” – D.P.A.: Your very own haunted house soundtrack.

Ghost” – Robyn Dell’Unto: Back to normal. Or so it seems? Paranoia, talking birds, hearing voices, a haunted house? Count me out! At any rate, Robyn’s voice has a ghastly presence to it, and if you mix that with her breathy delivery, you get the unique vibe that this song thrives on.

Morning Coffee” – Junction 688: These guys are obsessed with their coffee (or, more specifically, their pumpkin spice morning java) to the point of delusion. It scares us just to think what they’d do if they didn’t get their morning cup.

I Still Remember” – Churchill: Autophobia is an extremely common condition, and understandably so. Everyone has an intrinsic fear of loneliness, and this fear can materialize in many ways. Some things are just best to forget, and sometimes it’s necessary to get away and hope that time will work its magic.

Wake Up” – Variance: The other option is to do nothing, and hope for the best. This should tell you which kind of person you are. Passive reactivity probably isn’t the best course of action.

Ghost” – Blameshift: Most of us have had relationships that don’t end too amicably, and probably not for the best reasons. Few things are more realistically terrifying than having bitter thoughts invade your every thought and dream. A literal situation of being haunted by the past.

Pumpkin Patch” – Every Dying Day: This song takes the prize for the creepiest lyrics on the playlist. The minor chord riff in the chorus is so undeniably catchy and the drums drive this tune home with the perfect match up of power and simplicity.

Hesitation” – Ronny Criss: Fears usually stem from the feeling that we are powerless to do anything about the particular situation we’re  in. Sometimes, they stem from having too much power: in this case, the artist holds the happiness of another in his hands. Would you hurt yourself to spare another some pain?

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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