Live Wired [Review]: City and Colour 12/2

There’s a reason that we leave the comfort of our homes, especially in the cold winter, to attend a concert. We could sit inside and listen to an album or two, but it’s an entirely different experience hearing those same songs performed live. We discussed the topic in last week’s edition of  Live Wired, but sometimes it takes a spectacular performance to remind us. That’s what happened this past weekend, as City & Colour played to a sold out crowd at the House of Blues. Frontman Dallas Green gets it; he knows how to put on a show that’s all about the music. He’s personable and interacts with the crowd, but can step back and let his talents shine.

After stepping out into the spotlight in front of a packed crowd, and to many applause, frontman Dallas Green went right into playing “We Found Each Other In The Dark”, a track from City and Colour’s most recent album Little Hell. He followed this up with a wonderful rendition of “Sleeping Sickness” and kept up the string of great performances throughout the rest of the night.

About halfway through the set, Dallas Green stopped playing and asked the audience for a small favor. He told us his request in the most humble and honest tone, never seeming as if he was offended. He asked that for just one song, everyone would put away their phones and cameras and stop recording and taking pictures for only a couple of minutes. The crowd obliged, and their cooperation helped fuel a perfectly beautiful performance of a fan favorite, “Body In A Box”. It was if a light in the venue went out, with everyone’s electronics put away. Every face was focused towards the stage and every voice sang along to each word. He explained that it wasn’t because he didn’t want people recording his shows, but that everyone should spend less time trying to capture memories and more time soaking in each moment. Although it was just for the duration of a single song, it’s something that every concertgoer should try to do more often. Yes, it’s always nice to show off the great photos you took or play back videos of a special performance, but make sure to not forget how special just being there is.

The next time you’re at a show, look around you and you’ll see people who loves music just as much as you. So, sing as loud as you want. Dance if you feel compelled to. As cliche as it may sound, those are the things that you’re going to want to remember.

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