Press Shuffle: Songs To Play Three Chords And The Truth To

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With the resurgence of country’s popularity with acts like Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, the world of traditional music is in the spotlight more than ever. Much like folk music, country is all about capturing a snapshot of life and immortalizing it in a song. The genre often takes a moment of extreme happiness or great hardship and depicts the scene through the writer’s eyes. In this week’s playlist, we’ll explore a few varieties of country music and showcase the talented OurStage artists behind the songs.

I Fell For Memphis” – Adam Craig Band: Groovy little tune about a reckless, careless first love.

I’m Here” – The Matt Ryan Band: Everyone has a past. It’s how you open yourself up to the present that defines how you’ll be living in the future.

The Days You Live For” – Matt Gary: When your hard work pays off, you appreciate the little things in life that much more.

While We Get There” – Billy Dawson: The feelings of strength and possibility that come with young love are immense.

The Girl With The Fishin Rod” – EllieMay Kay: Being the prettiest won’t do you much. You just need to be yourself.

Playing With Memories” – Don Worden: Humorous and unapologetic, Don Worden talks about his love life before his current partner.

Guilty Cowboy” – Lindsey Gail: A bluesy, sassy tune of her flirtin’ cowboy ways. Fess up!

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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