Press Shuffle: Chill

This week we’re focusing on laid back, chilled electronic music. Often overlooked by its characteristic sonic simplicity (as is club music, but we’ve covered that already), downtempo electronica still has the hooks and memorable bass lines to snag our attention while submerging us deeper and deeper into a mindset of sensual relaxation. With great music aplenty in the Ambient/Chill Channel here at OurStage, it didn’t take us too long to round up a great, inclusive list of what this genre has to offer.

Strange Dreams On A Cold Night” – Symbols of Sound: Brimming with atmospheric pads and a catchy bass line, Symbols of Sound provide this playlist with a mood-setting opener.

Currents of the Universe” – Arkady: Taking us deeper into the world of trip-hop, “Currents of the Universe” fill our senses with a feeling of open expectation.

Temptress Tyler Stone’s Forbidden Fruit Mix” – Sutro: A dark, downtempo beat behind a spacey piano melody support the reverbed-out vocals in this playlist’s only non-instrumental track.

Parity Invariance” – Craig de Maio: The use of horns and delayed synth effects brings to mind the style of an early¬†Groove Armada with eastern influences.

Amberlight” – dromma: A syncopated beat with a matching bass line isn’t a common occurrence in thins genre, and it fits nicely into the song. Chimes, bells, warm pads and polysynths bring this song to life.

Perfect City Night” – Bill Dyckns: Drawing from trip-hop and acoustic music influences, this tune is reminiscent to a late city night. The lights, the cool weather, the sleekness of it all is perfectly reflected in the music.

Have any tunes in particular that you care to share? Disagree with any of the picks? Want a theme in particular to be Shuffled? Let us know by dropping a comment!

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