The Good Guy

David Moisan

Unflappable affability may not be an official style of music, but it is a sensibility that draws a lot of fans. Musicians like Jason Mraz, Jason Castro and Jack Johnson are as well loved for their breezy melodies as they are for their perceived approachability. They’re cool, man. And so is David Moisan, as far as we can tell. The Louisville native crafts folksy, friendly, insouciant melodies like the dusty Mexico. But he’s also a purveyor of slinky funk, evident in the excellent Don’t Need To Worry ˜Bout Me. Like a modest version of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Moisan declares, ˜Y’all best better get in the groove, his falsetto sailing upward over electric riffage, the snarl of bass and an entirely dancey beat. Things get a little graver on the theatrical Grave, a cautionary dirge that builds to a climax of zipping guitars, trilling keys and shattering drums. It’s darker terrain for sure, but Moisan has a light touch. Give him a listen”chances are you’ll be asking for more Mr. Nice Guy.

“Don’t Need To Worry Bout Me” – Dave Moisan