SoundTrax: Sunsets and Regrets

This week at SoundTrax, we’ve curated a playlist that sounds like sunsets, shimmers like the ’80s and warms you up like a summer bonfire. Every artist featured here borrows heavily from the dance vernacular but also have a clear affinity for fuzzy, jangly, indie pop. What emerges from these two influences is a sound that is steeped in nostalgia but remarkably fresh. Maybe it is this aspect of retro-futurism; straddling the sounds of the past and future with such dexterity, that make the style stand out so well in the present landscape of recycled pop music. Think of it as the sonic equivalent to Instagram. This is the perfect playlist for the end of a long night with friends, when you still don’t want the party to end, but the ringing in your ears leaves you no choice. There’s equal parts guitar and synth work, just as much kit thrashing as button pressing and enough disco swagger to bring the genre back from the grave.

SoundTrax: Sunsets and Regrets from OurStage on 8tracks.

Passion Pit are back with a new album, and the first single does not disappoint. A combination of booming baroque drums, all-together choruses and infectious synth hooks make this the perfect track to kick off a playlist of feel-good tunes. RAC have made a name for themselves in the indie dance community as remix extraordinaries”not afraid to tackle any indie-darling, they add a pop sensibility and sense of warmth to both tracks on this playlist. St. Lucia burst onto the scene this spring with incredibly lush production, stellar song writing and a Brooklyn image that could not fall more inline with the insatiable online hipster community. Shuffled, tribal drums and falsetto vocal lines will have you stargazing out the window in no time. Jean Tonique adds his filter-heavy, toe-twitching flare to The Kooks’ “Naive”. While Goldroom‘s chill-wave style is a fresh take on slow-burning ’80s disco. Next up, Vacationer highlight repetitive piano stabs with a slippery, funky bassline and an inventive arrangement reminiscent of Rubber Soul era Beatles. The Sounds Of Arrows close out this week of SoundTrax by bringing the tempo back down and ending your night in a relaxing wave of ambience.