SoundTrax: Ambient Thoughts

At OurStage, we believe that music does not always need to fall in a key, or have explicit rhythms to be “good”. Music that offers listeners a soundscape of textures and gestures can make for an incredibly relaxing and thought-provoking experience. This week at SoundTrax, we’ve dug deep into the Ambient/Chill Channel to cultivate a playlist of some of the best sound collages, atonal masterpieces and spooky-horror-film-soundtracks for your listening pleasure.


SoundTrax: Ambient Thoughts from OurStage on 8tracks.

Whether or not we realize it, movie soundtracks have saturated our ears with ambient and textural noises ever since Star Wars. Film makers have called on composers, and later sound designers, to convey the mood of their shot through sound. But when the picture is removed from the equation, our imagination is free to run wild. Without being tied down to a melody or beat, our thoughts can create worlds, juxtaposing the sounds with images that match the aesthetic, or colors that fit the mood. So close your eyes and let these eight incredible OurStage artists take you on a journey.