The Beach Boys Celebrate 50th Anniversary With 'That's Why God Made The Radio'

America’s band is back, with their first new album in 16 years. That’s Why God Made The Radio marks the return of Brian Wilson; Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks work together to build a sea of close knit harmonies, layered over finely crafted pop tunes, with an undeniable SoCal aesthetic. The nostalgia works surprisingly well, and comes off as endearing, not corny. While there are plenty of references to hot-rods and turtle-wax, most have been replaced with retrospective themes, looking back on life. The album will never be able to compete with the seminal 1966 masterpiece Pet Sounds, but it will serve as a nice book end to a glorious run as America’s greatest band. Enjoy your ride into the sunset boys, you’ve got our attention.