Soundcheck: Is Missy Making a Comeback?

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Missy Elliott is making a comeback.  Maybe.

Rumors have been swirling that the hip-hop icon was staging a return to glory ever since she joined longtime friend and collaborator, Timbaland onstage at the ˜Z104 Shaggfest 2012′ in Virginia.  While she reneged on her previously scheduled Rock The Bells appearances, and will not be working on the upcoming post-humus Aaliyah album; Timbaland says she new music coming as soon as next week.  According to a Twitter post, Missy will be dropping two singles, 9th Inning and Triple Threat over Labor Day weekend.

Oh snapp yall my sista @MissyElliott is droppin her singles #9thinning and #triplethreat labor day weekend. watch it world we backk!!!, he tweeted Friday.

She is gearing up for her seventh studio album soon, breaking her seven-year hiatus since The Cookout in 2005. Plagued by health problems stemming from her battle with Grave’s disease; an autoimmune disorder that causes a hyperactive thyroid among other symptoms. She was reportedly diagnosed in 2008 and quietly underwent radiation treatments.

I was (driving and) trying to put my foot on the brake, but my leg was jumping. I couldn’t keep the brake down and almost crashed, she told People last year. I couldn’t write because my nervous system was so bad – I couldn’t even use a pen. She revealed last year that she took daily medication, but has since changed her regiment to a more holistic approach to healing; even downplaying the severity her previous statements suggested.

There have been some inaccuracies reported in regards to my diagnosis with Grave’s Disease, so I wanted to clear things up. I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease about three years ago but it really hasn’t slowed me down at all, she said in June. I rocked my performance on VH1 Hip Hop Honors’ tribute to Timbaland last year. I’ve written and produced a bunch of Grammy-nominated, #1 hits for artists like Keyshia Cole, Monica and Jasmine Sullivan. I toured the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. And on top of all that, I’m working on my new album. I feel great. Under my doctor’s supervision, I’ve been off medication for about a year and I’m completely managing the condition through diet and exercise.

While she hasn’t released an album since 2005, she hasn’t exactly been absent from the music scene.  She penned hits for Jasmine Sullivan and Alicia Keys, and is currently featured on J.Cole’s latest single, Nobody’s Perfect.

Still, she does seem to be flip-flopping on appearances, and the severity of her condition, so there’s still a bit of doubt in the minds of fans.  Confusion over Missy’s contributing to the upcoming, Drake-produced Aaliyah album didn’t help ease their worries.  Weeks ago, Jomo Hankerson of Blackground announced both Timbaland and Missy would be involved in the release.  Last week, Missy’s manager, Mona Scott-Young issued a statement denying those claims and suggesting that Missy is less than stoked about the plans.

Although Missy and Timbaland always strive to keep the memory of their close friend alive, we have not been contacted about the project nor are there any plans at this time to participate,” she said.  “We’ve seen the reports surfacing that they have been confirmed to participate but that is not the case. Both Missy and Timbaland are very sensitive to the loss still being felt by the family so we wanted to clear up any misinformation being circulated.”

We’ll see if the weekend brings the rumored singles from one of hip-hop’s ost celebrated females.