"Watch This!" Wednesday: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, & fun.

We love passing new music videos around the OurStage office, and now we’re going to be sharing our finds with you. Here’s this week’s freshest new clips!

Nicki Minaj – “Come On A Cone”

Nicki Minaj has¬†put out so many music videos in the last few months that we’re starting to lose count. Just a few days after the rapper dropped her video for “Boys,” she very innocently tweeted the link to the visual companion to the wild and wacky track “Come On A Cone.” No bright makeup and flashing screens on this one – instead, we’re given a behind-the-scenes look at Nicki’s life: hanging with Jay-Z and B, posing at award shows, and rapping alongside Waka Flocka Flame. You know, the usual.

Taylor Swift – “Begin Again”

You might want to sit down for the shock we’re about to deliver. Are you sitting? Good. Here it goes: Taylor Swift‘s new song is about a breakup. Sorry, we warned you. But for once, she’s not sounding so completely whiny, and her video is certainly aesthetically pleasing, almost like a live-action Vogue spread. Stay hopeful, Taylor.

fun. – “Carry On”

As their name suggests, it looks like a night out with fun. is a rollicking good time. The video for “Carry On,” the third single off of Some Nights,¬†follows the band from the stage to the streets to an intimate bar sing-a-long. Carry on, boys!

Watch the video here.