Your Country's Right Here: Florida Georgia Line "Cruise" to Big Time

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From the minute Florida Georgia Line hit the  stage at a recent Washington, D.C.-area show, it was clear why the duo’s star is rising.

It wasn’t just the ease and enthusiasm they put into their performance”right from the first notes of “It’s Just What We Do””but a certain mix of confidence and amiability that blends into a palatable charisma. Not that the duo”known individually as Tyler Hubbard of Monroe, Ga., and Brian Kelley of Ormond Beach, Fla. ”thinks that way.

“It says Florida-Georgia Line but we know we couldn’t have couldn’t have done it without our amazing management, our booking agent, our whole team,” said Kelley, back stage after the duo’s set opening for Jake Owen, speaking of the band’s first gold record for “Cruise.” “Our manager has assembled what we think is the best team in Nashville so we know it’s for everyone, not just us.”

Yet the two admit that developing their distinctive country-rock sound”a little bit Kid Rock, a little bit Eric Church yet completely their own”has not always been easy.

“All I could think about was the first time we wrote together,” said Kelley of his thoughts on receiving the gold record after a New York performance. “So many times you’re sitting there and writing or traveling and writing and thinking ‘Man, why are we doing this?’ You love it but there are times when it gets tough and hard and you forget what it’s all about.”

Credit the rock-solid friendship of the two and their similar backgrounds”both got their feet wet performing in church”with getting them through rugged patches. And now, of course, they’re on a fast track opening for Owen, and soon will tour with Luke Bryan. In addition, their debut album is in the works.

“This has all been a very fast process,” said Hubbard. “This is what we dreamed of but we also sit back and take it all in, trying to breathe.  Going on tour with Jake and Luke, well, we’re learning from the best. The sky’s the limit and we appreciate all of these huge opportunities.”

Find out more about Florida Georgia Line on their official website.

Watch Florida Georgia Line’s video for “Cruise”  below: