Hear Bruno Mars' 80s Fetishizing Track "Moonshine" Right Now

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Bruno Mars loves the 80s. I used to think that the well coiffed singer was simply a nostalgist like so many others in our generation, longing for the glamour and excess of that bygone era. But now I’m convinced that Mars’ situation is far more tragic; clearly the man is a native of that time period, having been ripped and catapulted into the modern day a la Quantum Leap.

And much like a child would put leaves and sticks into the glass jar that they just filled with the fireflies they had caught earlier in the evening, Mars is committed to creating a sonic environment that he finds comforting and familiar. Case in point: “Moonshine,” the third single to be from his upcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox. You can hear the cut after the jump.

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