Adele Now Has Magical Powers, Can Wake Child From Coma

While Adele herself hasn’t always espoused the most health-conscious lifestyle choices, it appears that her music may have certain medicinal properties. According to various British tabloids, Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” is responsible for reviving a 7-year-old girl from a coma.

Call it a demonstration of the power of music. Young Brit Charlotte Neve was laid up in the hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage. After a series of operation the prognosis for Charlotte was grim. As her mother Leila was preparing to say a final goodbye to her daughter, “Rolling in the Deep” started playing on the bedside radio. Reports vary as to whether Leila began to sing the song or quietly whisper the lyrics to her daughter. But whatever the case, something was able to reach Charlotte, who began to smile at the sound of Adele’s her mother’s voice.

Charlotte’s convalescence from her near-death experience has also been astonishingly quick. Within two days of hearing her mother singing the melody to 2011’s biggest hit, Charlotte was talking again. And the good news doesn’t stop there, as young Charlotte has since returned to school and even ballet classes. However, she will have to undergo some speech and physical therapy over the coming weeks and months.