A$AP Goes Rocky On Amateur Photographers In New York City

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Rappers and late night brawls in New York City just seem to go together like Tanqueray and chronic this summer. About a month after the rival crews of Drake and Chris Brown traded blows in their now“infamous nightclub fightA$AP Rocky has become the latest emcee to join the Big Apple brawlers’ club. According to TMZ, Rocky and a friend began to argue with an unidentified person on the street in downtown Manhattan sometime late last night. The verbal altercation attracted the attention of two other people who began to snap pictures of the incident. The amateur photographers soon found themselves on the receiving end of Rocky’s fists and at the heart of a whole new story.

Image from KarenCivil.com

Both photographers incurred cuts and bruises from the fight, with one being taken to a local hospital. When the police arrived, they arrested Rocky and his friend on charges of attempted robbery. What he was attempting to steal is still unclear. Seems like a good ol’ assault and battery charge would have done just fine, officers.